Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Free gold and power

I talked with Sheffield University about this during my PhD work 2000. Since then the Dyson dry cleaner has really taken off.
A farmer give drilling people access to his land, by a stream or river. They do ground sonar, and locate a magma pocket 34m down. Only 10m, we get free carbon 0 power – no gold.
The company get all income, until there plant is paid for – then sign over 98% of the income to the land owner. The rest is for maintenance of the plant.
They sink a bore hole and get at super heated water with gold in. No magma chamber, drill down to the geothermal water, and use high explosive to open up a hole in the deep.
Drill down to below the water, so we enter from below. And get at the super heated water, with metal dust in. We are talking 40% gold, platinum, silver and copper. So much cheaper than mining and purifying the metals.
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We get the water up to the surface – it is under 8 atmospheres pressure. We give it a vent to 7.8 bars. Now we have steam with metal dust in.
We pass through a rugardised Dyson, and extract the metals – to sell on to metals companies to process into ingots. They pay us by weight, and metal content.
We pass the steam through a small turbine, or thermoelectric generator. And get 250kW of power. We take off 10kW, and sell the rest to the grid. At 1.2 million A YEAR.
In town. City parks get to be the great power producers: not Fossil Fuels burning, or toxic nuclear power plants. So we get gold, and free power. Just so much gold!

There is 455 million tonnes of it down there. Man has only mined 20,000 tonnes in 2,000 years.

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