Saturday, 16 December 2017

Doubling car power

A running petrol or diesel engine does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Oxidising the fuel TAKES IN energy. The Nuclear Fusion isd massively energetic.
We know this, because a running car engines gives off light and X-rays from the engine.
1 CmHn+pO2+P->(mCO2+rH2O-E)+s(He+L+X-ray+E)
So to increase power, we can increase the pressure – which means we suck in more fuel. Or we can Ti plate the engine
2 CmHn+pO2+P+(Ti)->(mCO2+tH2O-E)+2s(He+L+X-ray+E)+(Ti)
So a $200 titanium plate to the engine block and cylinders halves the petrol burn: though we may wish to tweak the fuel injection/carburettor system,

So for the life of the car, our fuel burn is halved. Or engine power doubled!
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