Saturday, 30 December 2017

Cancer drugs criminal

GPs are like Gollum 'Cancer drugs are my precious!'. They make so much money, as the patient dies in a 2 year decline to death. All unnecessary. Since 2002.
That year 3 medical professors from the Moffitt published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to totally clear the cancer at 1 appointment. No drugs, no biochemically induced death.
I use 1 minute of 8W 1MHz ultrasound from a medicaly licensed ultrasound massage device.
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Drug companies were appalled! They bribed everybody. Even the Moffitt to go back to fatal, defective cancer drugs. Radio therapy and surgery also criminal.
No GPs could legally prescribe cancer drugs for any cancer. They had to apply e.g. 8W 1MHz ultrasound for 1 minute – to clear any cancer. Cancer drugs were no longer best medicine. And have been globally banned since 2002.
So the Hippocratic oath prohibits Drug Companies manufacturing and selling defective medicine – or the drug company is permanently excluded from medicine. Back to 2002: lawyers go get them! Drug companies owe massive sums. AstraZeneca owes 2oo trillion. It sacked all its cancer researchers in 2010.
I cured a lawyer from the British Council of his liver cancer 2012. They stopped drug companies paying commission to Dr.s in the UK: being a Dr suddenly made no economic sense. Medicien lost monney.
None of them had been a registered Dr for 8 years. So no severance pay, or pension. They have all found more legal employment, ignoring their part in 50 million patient deaths around the world – a legal fine of 500 trillion. The planet is only worth 138 trillion.
No Dr gets any pension. The Hippocratic oath dictates murderous Dr.s gets no wages or pension. So every Dr who has taken early retirement, repays all pension and wages. And faces 25 years in prison for every patient they murdered, using biochemistry.
So even compatible drug firms are not allowed to make any cancer drug – or permanently excluded from medicine.
No GP has been able to prescribe cancer drugs since 2002. Or excluded from medicine for life. No wage or pension since 2002. So your GP struck off 16 years ago by 2018. No legal insurance, no medical registration – medical practice criminal.
Lawyers, an open and shut case to remove these killers from health care. Use your own High Intensity UltraSound device at home – do not see the Dr: he wants you to suffer a 2 year, expensive, agonising death. So illegal.
Medical schools already and validated High Intensity UltraSound 2002: as did every Dr on Earth, or they ceased to be Dr.s. Just 1 prescription struck off the Dr.
So medical schools could not employ medical academics, who did unethical biochemical research. Or taught medical students defective biochemistry.
All graduating medics had their Hippocratic oath voided – so were never registered Dr.s. They never had health insurance or medical registration. Medical practice criminal since 2002.
So biochemistry is criminal medicine for medical schools: who teach the Hippocratic oath – so were aware they were not legal medical institutions from 2002.
Their biochemical Dr.s ALL struck off. They were permanently excluded from medicine. Even Cambridge and Harvard. The NIH was wound down a couple of years ago.
So medical students have their medical degree revoked, and get back all their tuition fees. Plus punitive damages.
But medical schools are the major income of all universities. Who are now faced with paying back 30 years of medical income. $15 billion. And all those medics removing from medicine.
All prescribing GPs already struck off = back dated 15 years: no wages or pension.
All assisting nurses have transgressed the Nightingale Pledge – also permanently excluded from medicine.
So health systems like the NHS have no Dr.s or nurses, They have to bar entry of struck off Dr.s, from their fatal health clinics. Nurses not struck off can wield an ultrasound 'wand' and cure all cancers, heart disease and diabetes.
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Those 3 diseases make up 98.5% of health service income. So the National Health Service is so bankrupt – with no legal staff. Medical schools, biggest killing factories in history – the Nazis only killed 6 million in 5 years. Hospitals have killed 75 million in 15 years. Aided and abetted by Harvard.

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