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All nuclear power illegal

All uranium nuclear power requires insurance of 100 billion a year – per plant. No insurance over 40 billion available. You have to be a G8 national government.
When I met the power station regulator 1983, he told me the first job of a regulator was to ensure adequate insurance. Never saw him agin.
Because after Chernobyl ni 1984, every nuclear power plant operated illegal – under the national nuclear power regulators. This is massive corporate crime. Nuclear power took to bribing the regulators – corporate crime big time.
So Greenpeace or any higher education establishment could have got all nuclear power shut down. So they bribed both, and made up Global Warming.
The ignore that CO2 in capped at 2 parts per million over the temporate Earth. CO2 spikes at 4ppm, over the Poles or a modern ice age.
In the Jurassic photosynthesis was less good at excreting O: the most dangerous pollutant the Earth has ever known.
CO2 was at 4ppm, spiking at 8ppm in the 32 natural Jurassic ice ages. One lasted 650 million years.
Photosynthesis evolved in the Cretaceous – taking CO2 levels down from 10 ppm. Read

Cretaceous | Ice Age Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Biography. Cretaceous and fellow sea reptile Maelstrom were once creatures of the era of dinosaurs that had worked in tandem to catch prey. After having been frozen in the waters they swam in, both reptiles remained in stasis until the ice ages began, thawing them out into a world ruled by mammals instead of reptiles.
So CO2 levels FOLLOW the wax and wane of plants, which follow the climate. So CO2 RISES in an ice age, or above the Arctics today.
Any nuclear power plant today is operating illegally. So any new nuclear plant would never get an operating license. Instead nuclear operators pay legal fines of 40 to 100 billion for the last 33 years. And the plant managers get 10 years in jail or every year of illegal operation.
So academics writing papers about Global Warming, ignored high school biology – in exchange for nuclear research money. This is criminal, and inconsistent with work in education.
Meanwhile every 3 minutes around the Earth nature does Nuclear Fusion. Set up by heavy rain or snow doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2Os+T->He2++O++3e-+X-ray+E13 X-ray covers electromagnetic radiation from X-rays to radio waves.
So lightening does Nuclear Fusion, at 4 atmospheres and -50oC. For free, in the open air. No expensive engineering plant. All those 'scientists', with large research contracts with nuclear power, have been studying how linear floe does not do Nuclear Fusion.
We take a 50x1cm steam plasma tube art 4 atmospheres, and fire up a steam plasma – a lightening bolt in a tube.
The plasma tube lights up brilliant white, as it does a plasma burn.
2 H2O+PL->2E13+L+X-ray 2E13=2.4MW of heat from 6x10-17cc of regular water a year.
No enriched uranium used, no plutonium or radioactive material produced. Even the inert 3He fissions away.
3 xH++e- ->(x+1)n0
4 3He2++2n0 ->21H++E2+2n0 different neutrons produced
So we unwind matter into light, heat and X-rays. Getting 288kW from a 50x1cm steam plasma. Which needs no insurance – as no radioactive materials used or produced. We use a thermoelectric unit to turn the 2.4MW of heat into mains, carbon 0 power.
So we can supply space heating and carbon 0 mains power for 300 houses. And we get 1.2 million a year, as income for all the power. SO AFTER 1 MONTH, THE PLANT HAS PAID FOR ITSELF. SO IN 2 MONTHS WE BUILD 2 STEAM PLASMA PLANTS. AFTER 4, 4 – it grows exponentially. And nuclear power is madly burning gas and oil, and refilling exhausted wells – to keep the price up.
Because nuclear power is in tension with Fossil Fuels, and if oil, gas and coal prices fall, ALL nuclear power looks economically unattractive: before we get to the issue of lack of adequate insurance cover.
So there were 20 UK nuclear plants 2 years ago. Now there are only 9. So Scottish Power re bought UK nuclear power, just in time for the Magnox plants to be shut down. The sale from EDF is legally void.
All 200 nuclear plants in France are operating without insurance – illegal under international law. So are the nuclear plants in the US, Russia and China. All 500 plants around trhe world – all illegal since 1984.
So we take a 50x1cm glass tube, fill it with steam from e.g. a paint stripper or pan. We borrow the electronics from a fluorescent light, and strike up a plasma. We use a 20kW fan to blast air over the tube (Or we may need to sit in a water bath).
We pass the hot gas over a thermoelectric generator at 780oC. And generate 288kW of power. We heat and power 300 house. And get an income of 1.2 million. But every 2 months we build a new plant. So year end we have taken 3,800 people off the grid – to carbon 0 heat and power. From regular water.
Oil and gas become effectively valueless after 2 years, Only nuclear power is buying them – to refill oil wells. I started publishing this idea over 2 years ago.
The turbulence of geothermal water in the deep form natural gas.
5 CO2+2H2O+P+TU+E->CH4+(2O2) O2 carried away dissolved in the geothermal water. The methane collects in the deep. So natural gas regenerates. Gas wells never run out. As British gas has found. No Russian gas required. We can sell gas to Russia.
We can use a steam plasma tube to heat CO2 and H2O, and combine in a low pressure reactor vessel – and form methane and oxygen gases.
We chill the gas, to get at liquid natural gas, and liquid oxygen. From CO2 we cool out of the air over a city. So we form natural gas for the town – and it is carbon 0 – as it takes in as much CO2 to form, as it releases when burnt.
So before everybody uses steam plasma tube to produce heat and power, we can use steam plasma tubes to produce carbon 0 natural gas.
All existing nuclear power illegal since 1984. No new nuclear plant could ever be built. Theresa May's signature, totally spurious!

All British nuclear criminal since 1984.

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