Thursday, 30 November 2017

AMA/GMC struck off - criminal outfits

The AMA/GMC professionals had to read about, and validate High Intensity UltraSound 2002. All Dr.s bought an 8W 3MHz ultrasound massage unit, and verified it cleared all cancers.
8 W 1MHz ultrasound sets off Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the pressurised cancer cells: they have to be pressurised in order to grow.
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
So 2002 Dr.s had the cure to all cancers. The device can be purchased, medically licensed from E-bay for around 16 UK pounds.
Facial Body Skin Cleaner Beauty Ultrasound 1MHz Ultrasonic Beauty Massage Device

Facial Body Skin Cleaner Beauty Ultrasound 1MHz Ultrasonic Beauty Massage Device

Brand New
  • $16.05
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Dr.s were horrified! Simple, cheap total cure. No expensive agonising decline to death in 2 years. The AMA thought of using it, as the Hippocratic oath demanded, but decided not to. They failed to tell other medics to use High Intensity UltraSound – so they didn't.
And ½ a billion cancer patients around the world died. Totally criminal. So every member of the AMA/GMC ceased to be Dr.s 15 years ago.
So this terminated their employment! So they must return all wages and get no pension for the last 15 years.
You can buy your own device – or borrow one from a lady friend. #they are sold to help with weight loss. And cure your cancer at home.
dr.s all have to pay $16 million per cancer death, and get a 25 year jail term – for 1st degree3 murder of their paying patients. Truly the most evil killers who have lived,
So all Dr.s at the AMA/GMC can no longer work there – for 15 years. Cancer – simple to cure.
Using technology medcis borrowed from metallurgists. No patent protection on borrowed technology. The last graph I saw, 90% of cancers are being cured – but it is getting harder and harder to get an up to date graph.
As all cancers are cured by High Intensity UltraSound – and Charities like cancer research are continuing to research defective medicine like biochemistry.
Ho? No Dr can. And only Dr.s do the research for Cancer Research. Oh I remember – Cancer Research PAYS struck off Dr.s.

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