Thursday, 9 November 2017

Heat and power for free

This idea is for small engineering firms, or a serious garage scientist. We use a plasma burn – which turns regular water into light, massive heat and low power X-rays – the same power of X-rays a gas boiler gives off today.
1 H2O+PL->E2+L+X-ray a 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres gives of a constant 2.4MW of heat, a thermoelectric generator turns into 288kW of mains power.
We use a 2kW electric fas, to blast air over the tube, so we get off 25,000 litres per minute of air at 780oC. This drives the thermoelectric generator.
We bubble the air through a water boiler, and get the hot water that will heat 30 houses – using a 20kW pump to drive the water around.
People pay be the volume of hot water their house takes.
The way to start it off, is have a 20cm steam plasma tube. This will generate 32klW, enough for 2 companies. Who also get free hot water. We sell the excess power to the grid. We get 101,000 from the national grid – though we will use half the power.
We then sign up 30 houses, and site a heat/power plant half way along the houses. The ex cess power will generate 600,000 UK pounds a year. So the plant builders take all that money, until the plant is paid for, then get 5%, to cover maintenance work.
And on to the next 30 houses. Until all the town is on a plasma burn, heat and power plant. Then the next city.
The UK was 44GW, that is 44,000,000MW. That is 158million plants. To make the UK totally carbon 0. No Fossil Fuels burn, and no nuclear power.

So plant sites get free heat and power. The rest pay 0.0026p per kW four. Conventional power plants generate power for 8p per kW hour.

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