Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Diesels fertilize plants

And plants convert extra CO2, into biomass – the major life system on Earth. So in the afternoon in the temperate area of the Earth, or over the liquid sea, we are back to 2 parts per million CO2 within 5 minutes.
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Academics who have written papers about extra CO2 increasing CO2 levels in the air, needs to resit high school biology, and get out of education – pausing to shred all the fictitious papers, and return the money nuclear power gave them – via the funding agencies.
The funding agencies can spend it on real research: nuclear power does not get it back.
So CO2 capped at 2ppm. Levels are higher over the Arctics in the winter – or during an ice-age. Air -50oC, with 4 ppm CO2 in the air.
Diesels release less CO2 than petrol cars – but CO2 levels started falling 3 years ago. Global temperatures fell from 1995. Academics stopped Global Warming research 2005 – and have never researched the meaningless man-made Climate Change, proposed by nuclear power, to explain Global Warming in a cooling world.
World weather both cooler, and calmer than in the late 20th century. SO2 has fallen to 20 parts per billion – and falling. See www.epa.gov/so2-pollution.

NO and NO2 (NOx) is fixed at 4 parts per billion. Like CO2, petrol engines produce MORE Nox than petrol engines. So why are national governments taxing diesel cars more, because they can. And they are acting against the published science.
This is very serious. Diesel car makers have an open and shut legal challenge to any budget changes. Diesel cars drive around spaying plant fertilizer into the air. The plants which convert CO2 into biomass – sucking it out of the air.
Man uses the energy intensive Harner process to fix N gas as ammonia – to fertilize crops. Lightening does this for free.
1 H2O+N2+xO2->He++O++3e- +2NOx+L+E2+X-ray NOx+H2O->H2NO2/3
And H2NO2/3 is plant fertilizer, And photosynthesis caps CO2, SO2 and NOx naturally. Meanwhile nuclear power produces radioactive waste – included plutonium, the most toxic substance known to man.
To see my posts on free, non toxic, carbon 0 power, see my posts on 'Molecular nuclear fusion'. The massive natural energy system, operating even in a beating heart, or growing plants.

So CO2 is capped by plant and bacterial life, and is static as a pre-industrial 2ppm. Levels are at 4ppm above the Arctics in winter.

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