Thursday, 2 November 2017

Cold and calm weather

Photosynthesis was less evolved in the Jurassic, so there was 4 parts per million CO2 left in the afternoon air. Compared with 2ppm today.
There was 65% more life on Earth, and sea levels were 60 metres lower: So the big predictions of Global Warming were WRONG.
More CO2
hotter air – no evidence. Levels rise only in an ice-age
lower sea result – not higher
an uncontrolled green house effect. Greenhouses are hotter because of the constant gas flame.
So the Jurassic had 3 natural ice-ages – with twice the CO2 in the air. During the ice-age, we saw 8ppm CO2 – twice as much, as the snow covered the land, and ice the seas.
And during the 650 million years of one ice-age, less rain and snow. So fewer lightening strikes and tornadoes. So 4 times the CO2, and colder AND CALMER weather.
Man-made Climate Change was devised, as nuclear power conceded the world climate has been cooling since 1995. photosynthesis on land and seas, has left a pre-industrial 2ppm in the afternoon air.
A static trace gas affects nothing, and the mineral record shows CO2 doubles in an ice-age, as there is less lightening and tornadoes.
Nuclear power should be more concerned about its insurance. Each plant carries 50 million. After Chernobyl they need 40 billion of annual insurance – or the national regulator HAS to shut them down.
They didn't, because of the world's largest bribes, from nuclear power to the nuclear regulator. After Fukishima, this rose to 100 billion.

So every nuclear plant on Earth is running under insured, with CO2 static since 1880. All academics who ever published about Global Warming – all papers deleted, wages returned, and leave education for ever.

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