Saturday, 11 November 2017

Clear Verrucas

I found out 2013, that High Intensity UltraSound cleared acne: It makes the bacterial cells pop – and the immune system clears this now dangerous cell type from the body.


The High Intensity UltraSound also clears acne scars – that is how physiotherapists developed high powered ultrasound to clear limb scars – and even wrinkles.
So High Intensity UltraSound to the forehead and sides of the eyes, will clear all wrinkles from the face. If you have wrinkles on the face, and 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device will clear them safely – no skin cream: Your worth it!
I got a Verruca on my toe, from a pool in Terrine – and I have walked around with it for 15 years.
I treated it twice with Bakuca, and filing the Verruca away. But it came back – even spreading to me other foot. These are the baine of many a school child, and parent.
So I got some more Bakuca, and a file, and started treating it again. In the knowledge this would not totally clear the virus.
But now I used my HIUS device on it. And the virus cells next to the skin, popped – and the local immune system started engulfing the virus cells.
So the Verruca detached from the skin. I came to file them, and the Verrucas fell off the skin. My left toe was free of the Verruca yesterday, but it came back today. But fell off the skin. So it was not attached to a food and oxygen source.
It is 20 times as effective as Bakuca on its own. And hopefully now the body will stop the virus coming back – as the body now recognises it as dangerous, and eats it on sight.
Bakuca did not make this danger log. The High Intensity UltraSound did.

This is what happens with cancer. The immune system engulfs cancer cells – and will never allow it back in the body. So secondaries are history too.

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