Thursday, 2 November 2017

Calm stillness of an ice-age

In the modern age, photosynthesis on land AND sea limits free average CO2 to just 2 parts per million. CO2 levels were twice as high in the little ice-age, or above the Arctics today during the winter – air temperatures -50oC.
In the Jurassic warm periods, photosynthesis left 4ppm in the air. Sea levels 60 metres lower, and there was 65% more life on Earth. Life which formed the Fossil Fuels.
99.99996% of the daily CO2 is from animals breathing it out. The 0.00004% from burning the Fossil Fuels increases the life on Earth – we get the Jurassic life back.
Every afternoon global average CO2 is a pre-industrial 2ppm: a static trace gas affects nnothing – and CO2, SO2 and NO1/2 are!
The Jurassic had 3 natural ice ages – one lasting 650 MILLION years. With CO2 at 8ppm. Less natural rain and snow – so less lightening, hurricanes and violent weather.
So CO2 4 times higher, and COOLER AND CALMER WEATHER. CO2 levels track the wax and wane of photosynthesis, which tracks natural solar cycles.
The weather is totally nature. CO2 a static trace gas. Global Warming/man-made Climate Change PR from nuclear power. Who require an impossible 100 billion of insurance PER plant. So all nuclear power illegal since 1984: the nuclear regulators have been bribed big time – to allow this toxic industry to continue.

There plant building program makes thgem the world's 4th biggest source of androgenous CO2.

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