Friday, 29 September 2017

The cure of cancer & diabetes

Medics have no therapy about why some people have suppressed insulin systems. That occurs after a serious illness. In 2013 I was working at my church health group. With an 15W 40kHz ultrasound massage device.
The Moffitt has published 2002 that High Intensity UltraSound cleared prostate cancer Nothing special about prostate cancer.
All cancers and viruses grow in a single cell way: but the immune system waits to see if there is body cell damage. Dendrites don't exist in single cell tumours.
Cancer Is CuredBy Jonathan M Thomason
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We live in remarkable times. Xi years ago American medics cure to cancer. Using no drugs or surgery. Just a single application of high intensity ultrasound. This book explains how it works! It... More >
No damage, the new cell type is allowed to stay. There is loads of cells popping in the tumour, but the DNA is engulfed by other cancer cells – so the cancer is allowed to stay and grow.
So when you do cancer surgery, you should use 2 forceps, to bust the cancer tumour – don't remove it. Then autoclave the contaminated forceps. Now the immune system sees the novel DNA – and lose DNA is a sign of a dangerous cell type.
The immune system secretes and actions the active antibody – and clears the cancer from the body and brain.
But there is a simple, cheaper and safer option: medics have to use best medicine. All medics have an 8W 3MHz ultrasound device – that they verified 2002 was an effective High Intensity UltraSound unit.
Applied externally, the pressurized cancer cells heat up – leaving body cells not affected. Even 20W 1MHz is totally safe to body cells, totally fatal to cancer cells.
I use an 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage unit as my High Intensity UltraSound source: which will clear lung, liver and breast cancer in 1 minute. Apply externally to the sore area, and stop when you feel warming, or after 1 minute. You can never overdose.
The cancer cells heat up, and give off X-rays: this is the source of the X-rays from ultrasound scans.
A friend of mine had a husband who went into hospital for end of life care. I told her about ultrasound, and he is healthy and back home.
I lost a girlfriend to MS. ½ a minute of High Intensity UltraSound to each side of the head clears MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Schizophrenia, depression. Medics prefer to prescribe ineffective, fatal drugs. This is illegal. Nurses are thus no allowed to assist with biochemical treatments.
All hospitals have an 8W 3Mhz unit, so it is free and totally harmless to try out High Intensity UltraSound. I have found it 100% effective on cancers and mental health problems.
I have published my work, so every Dr has to read, validate and use High Intensity UltraSound. Biochemistry is thus defective, criminal medicine. Its use strikes off eh Dr, and any patient death warrants 25 years in jail, and a 10 million fine.
So over the last 15 years, families are entitled to 10 million for every cancer death. And each member of the medical team gets ¼ of a century in high security prison.
And each GP has killed 15,000 patients: and you trust these mass murders with your life? Which is why ½ a billion of us has died in the last 15 years.
You have cancer – on your next GP visit, get the practice nurse to use the health centres 8W 3MHz ultrasound device – to clear you cancer in under 1 minute.
Buy your own HIUS device, and apply it for ½ a minute to each side of the chest, throat and nose to clear all viral and bacterial infections.
This will stop all cancers, heart disease, diabetes and mental health problems. I am getting my book published – in all book shops in the world.
An Early, uncorrected version is at Search for 'Jonathan Thomason ultrasound'. I also have my book of nuclear fusion on Earth, also on
So no cancers, heart disease, diabetes or mental health problems. Work started on my PhD at Sheffield University.
I have also asked Dr MatZinger, who devised the cell damage idea curing cancer to write me a book forward. I met her at Nottingham university. Which started the whole cancer thing off.
For heart disease, ½ a minute's High Intensity UltraSound to the top left of the chest, and both kidneys. I cured 100% of heart patients at St Clement's church, but then the drug companies got my health group closed down.

Heart pills are now defective, criminal medicine – and have been for 4 years: 10 million for every patient death. Strike off and en-prison the medics.

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