Thursday, 28 September 2017

Better than car batteries

Batteries are heavy, and store limited charge. Hybrid cars are a way to only burn Fossil Fuels, to get to the next charging point. Far better to use a steam plasma tube, to generate power in the car – and give it infinite range.
A 25x1cm steam plasma releases 1.2W of heat. To power a house, we use a 50x1cm steam plasma, which generate 2.4MW.
We want to turn that heat, at 3,000oC into power. We use a 20kW fan, to blast air over it, and through a thermoelectric generators:

Automotive thermoelectric generator - Wikipedia
An automotive thermoelectric generator (ATEG) is a device that converts some of the waste heat of an internal combustion engine (IC) into electricity using the Seebeck Effect. ... By reclaiming this otherwise lost energy, ATEGs decrease fuel consumed by the electric generator load on the engine.
So if we get 10% efficiency, we get 120kW of power. We only need 45kW to derive a small helicopter. So we fly between cites at 700mph. There being no speed cameras in the air.
We use IT systems, radar and a WiFi link to avoid collisions. I would opt for votual highways in the air – one going East/South, one West/North. The Hight determines your cruising speed.
The steam plasma is so efficient, we are talking about 2x10-16cc of regular water a year: we couldn't measure it either.
So no Fossil Fuels burn or CO2 production. No hyper toxic uranium nuclear power – that would require 600 billion of annual insurance: and you don't want the air full of flying uranium nuclear cores.
You have one little glass tube, doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+PL->E2+L+X-ray
A running car engine today does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
2 CmHn+TU+pO2->(mCO2+(n-r)H2O-E+r(He+O+E2+X-ray)
Molecular Nuclear Fusion only produces low power X-ray, and no toxic radioactive waste
3 CO2+nH2O->CH4+X-ray+E2+(1+n)O+X-ray
So 70 times a minute, you do Molecular Nuclear Fusion. And you breathe out methane and single radical oxygen.
The way for OPEC to carry on selling Fossil Fuels, is to use a small vacuum pump (solar driven) to suck sea or river water up 1m. It then boils. We transport the water vapour t othe middle of the desert.
As we vent the vapour it condenses to water. We dredge up sea bed, and waash the new soil in river estuaries – to remove the NaCl salt.
We process into soil mats – impregnated with grass seed. We plant deedlings in soil balls, at the new field boundaries. We graze sheep, that eat the grass, and fertilize new growth with their droppings.
So we take in as much CO2, So we take in as much CO2 as burning our fossil oil releases. We make carbon 0 fuel oil.
I gave this idea to Sheffield University. They were more concerned the weather had been cooling naturally for 5 years – so Global Warming was nuclear fiction.
CO2 levels were twice as high in the little ice-age, or above the Poles. Levels were teice as high in the warm Jurassic – where there was 65% more life, and sea levels 60m lower.
There were 3 natural ice-ages in the Jurassic. 1 lasting 650 million years. With 4 times the level of CO2 in the air: the air composition was preserve in explosive volcanic eruption, porous rocks.

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