Thursday, 3 August 2017

Undoing OPEC

In 1974 the oil exporting countries gtop together, and did a consortium thing: deny oil, expect at the new price. $55 a barrel
Oil today is at $54. And going down. It should be at 25 cents a barrel. And probably will be in 2 years.
You see scientists in 1974 already knew about a plasma burn – this allowed a fluorescent light to convert Na into light.
1 Na+e- ->E2+L+X-ray+e- massive carbon 0 heat.
The best way is with a steam plasma.
2 H2O+P+PL->E2+L+X-ray regular water into heat, light and X-rays. 2.4 MW of heat from a 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres.
No CO2, and no hyper toxic radioactive waste: this requires all nuclear power plants to carry insurance of 100 billion annually. They can't buy, so they bribe the regulator, and MADE UP Global Warming.
Man-made Climate Change is Global Warming in a cooling world: the world climate has been cooling for 21 years.
We can pump air across the steam plasma tube, and get at hot air at 380oC. Ideal for a thermoelectric generator – though they can operate at 780oC.
So no Fossil Fuels burn. No OPEC. It is what happens with cartels – science moves on, and they become irrelevant.
So my tube will use 5x10-16cc of regular water a year. Too small a volume to measure. And thermoelectric generators are commercially available.  60,000 as an annual income.
So 1 tube will power 18 houses, on carbon 0, non toxic power. Nuclear power really must get insured OR CLOSE DOWN back dated to 1984. The year of Chernobyl.
No independent nuclear power is legal. So Tony Blair made all British Nuclear illegal in Nuclear Privatisation (Hansard, 26 March 1996)
No insurance commercially available above 1 billion. Tony Blairs most important life contribution: make nuclear illegal.

But a steam plasam tube does not melt down – it just stops working. No insurance required.

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