Sunday, 6 August 2017

Thorium reactors are fast breeders

And the US, German, Japanese and UK publics have previously said no to this technology. All fast breeders use plutonium. Thorium use 233THorium, which the neutrons from the plutonium convert into 233Uranium.
Terrorists will love it – plutonium and dangerous radioactive material. Crash a SMALL PLANE INTO A THORIUM REACTOR AND YOU HAVE THE WORLD'S CHEAPEST DIRTY BOMB.
Just threaten, and terrorists can name their price. Only France allows fast breeders – though they only generate 5% of their power through nuclear sources: they live next door to Germany. And History teaches, German invades France very often.
So a Thorium reactor is not GREEN. It is filled with the most toxic sunstances known to man. The IAEA will not allow these reactors to be sold commercially.
Plutonium says no. Strike up a hydrogen plasma in a Thorium fission tube, and you have a non toxic source of neutrons. No plutonium.
1 H2O+PL->2H++O++3e-
2 H++e- ->n0
Near limitless source of non toxic neutrons. But nuclear power has all this plutonium to get rid of.

Half fill tubes will plutonium, and fire up a H plasma. And the radioactive isotopes turn int oheat, light and X-rays.

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