Monday, 7 August 2017

Thorium is criminal

Thorium is criminal
The US, UK, Germany, Japan and China all prohibit the use of plutonium in a fast breeder cycle. As this is inherently unsafe, and a major terrorist target – where high explosive produce a dirty bomb – scattering radioactive material over YOU.
So Oak Ridge continued with nuclear research – after Chernobyl made this criminal. The US government prohibits research into under insured industrial like nuclear power. 1984 ALL nuclear power plants needed annual insurance cover of 40 billion. 100 billion after Fukishima.
No insurance above 1 billion available – hence they invested 10 million a year into their fiction OF Global Warming. That became man-made Climate Change, only ten years after the natural global weather started cooling.
Photosynthesis on the land and seas caps global average CO2 at 2 parts per million. It is at 4ppm over the Arctics, with an air temperature down to -50oC.
So for 33 years nuclear research has been criminal. All the papers on Global Warming have to be shredded and deleted, and research money returning to the research bodies.
Oak Ridge has behave in a criminal fashion for a third of a century. And must be instantly shut down, and the scientists given multi-life jail terms.
231Thorium only becomes 233U on application of a neutron source. And they chose reprocessed Plutonium. An illegal substance, that can never be sold and used: just too big and fatal a terrorist target.
We could use a hydrogen plasma
1 H++e-->n0 a safe neutron source.
2 231Th+4n0->233U+2e- electrons discharged into an Earth wire.
3 233U+n0->234U 94%->fission(e.g.137Xe+94Sr+3n0)
These materials ARE not safe. They have half lives in the hundreds of years – very dangerous.
Why not just use the H plasma?
4 H++e- ->n0
5 xH++(>2)n0->E3+L+X-ray E2=2.4MW from a 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres.
No nuclear material, so no nuclear insurance of 100 billion required. So a car running on a Thorium fuel cell will require insurance of 5 billion.
That is the dearest and most dangerous car fuel ever. A 50cm steam plasma tube will generate 1.2MW of clean, green heat. An automotive thermoelectric cell will turn into 156kW: a car only need 28kW to run – so maybe only a 25cm steam plasma.
No oil, diesel, gas or CO2 production. No batteries or charging points. The idea Barak Obama was looking for: are you listening Tesla/Ford/BMW/Nissan?

And we use 5x10-14ccc of regular water A DECADE.

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