Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Nuclear illegal funder

1984 saw the Chernobyl incident, and ever nuclear power plant needed insurance of 40 billion: no insurance is available above 1 billion – that is how toxic nuclear power is.
So they funded research into Global Warming, through the funding agencies. Academics are not allowed to take illegal funding – so all Global Warming papers must be shredded, and the money returned.
All Global Warming authors expelled from education – and all wage since 1984 repaid. Man-made Climate Change is Global Warming in a world that has been cooling for 21 years.
CO2 is capped by photosynthesis on land and seas - as every university Dr KNEW: CO2 capped by nature. No chance of 400 or even 200 parts per million CO2. In this epoch CO2 capped at 2ppm.
In the Jurassic it was 4ppm. There was 65% more life, and sea level were 60 meters lower.
There were 3 natural ice-ages, one lasting 650 million years, with 8 ppm CO2 in the air – 4 times that possibel today. An ice-age. CO2 follows the natural climate, with a 4 year time lag. CO2 HAS NEVER MADE THE WEATHER. It tracts it.
Global Warming nuclear fiction, after Chernobyl. I am still waiting for a reaction to Fukishima – Japan and Germany gave up on nuclear power.
As ever nuclear power plant needs insurance of 100 billion.
A steam plasma does a plasma burn
1 H2Os+PL->He+O+E2
1.2MW of carbo 0 heat, from a plasma at 4 atmospheres. From a 50xacm tube: use the electronics from a fluorescent light to fire up the plasma – which then self sustains. Massive carbon 0 heat. For free – no radioactive waste.

Global Warming was going to kill us all – ended 21 years ago – 5 years before my PhD. Now CO2 is going to change the weather. CO2 is static – the weather changes accorded to predictable solar cycles. PhD please!

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