Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Free gold

And unlimited power. The first trick is to locate the under ground river that flows around the Earth. How Do Hydrologists Locate Groundwater? - USGS
We want an underground, at least part filled water filled chamber 34 meters down. We use directable drilling gear, to enter this chamber from below.
In to a pool of super heated water – 280oC, 8 atmospheres minimum. The published maps are for shallow tunnels and rivers
However, these should guide us to rivers of super heated water further down. We drill down 34m. And bring up water. When we get to the surface, we give the water a slight vent. We now get dirty steam.
That is why in 1982, I was taught this water could never be used to generate power. But science moves on. We pass through a ruggardised Dyson dry cleaner – and this scrubs the metal dust out.
What metals are we talking about: gold, silver, platinum and copper. High value metal dust. We sell on, to process into metal ingots. A rich gold seam is 1% gold. 80% of our metal dust is pure gold metal.
The Earth's core contains 455 million tonnes of Gold – it is the 5th most abundant element on Earth. Man has only ever mined 2,000 tonnes of gold – most recently – as the Krugar mines have realised the water they pump out of the gold mines, contains more gold than the rocks do.
So we then have clean steam at 270oC, 7.8 atmospheres. We pass it over the hot end of a Carnot pump, and get water out at up to 780oC 10.6 atmospheres. We generate massive carbon 0 power – all over the world.
The geothermal water is within 10 meters of where you are sat. Then it hits the cold end of the Carnot heat pump, and is cooled to 90oC.
We triple the pressure, and loop around 85% of the system heat. The power is worth as much as the gold, and it is carbon free, with no Fossil Fuels burn. We use the water heat of the Earth. We can deflate mountains which hare in our way. And get free, carbon 0 power, and gold, silver, platinum and copper.
We will also get Fe metal. Not the ore. Melt it down to form iron bars. Fe is the chemical symbol for iron.

We just get more gold than we can ever use. Soft, weak and not reactive. It looks nice – but really not much use.

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