Thursday, 3 August 2017

Free Carbon 0 power

We use a steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres, which runs at a surface temperature of 3000oC. We use a 2kW fan to blast this hot air across a high temperature thermoelectric generator at 750oC. I assumed an efficiency of 6% - but you can get up to 13%.
Each generator drops the temperature by 250oC. And generate 250kW of power. So we get 1 MW per 100oC. We start off with 1 thermoelectric generator, which gives us an income of 60,000 UK pounds.
After 3 months, we get a panel that starts at 530oC. Giving us another 250kW. So in 2 months we get a panel that takes the air from 280oC and produces warm air at 40oC. So we have 750kW.
So we inserts another steam plasma and thermoelectric chain, and get another 75okW.
So for 8,000 UK pounds, we are getting 1.5MW. And an annual income of 550,000 UK pounds.
OK, we fill a garden shed. But we have no Fossil Fuels burn. No CO2 – and no hyper-toxic uranium fission: a process so toxic it needs insurance of 100 billion a year.
You can't get insurance above 1 billion. So ALL present nuclear power illegal.

And we use 8x10-14cc of regular water a year. What does nuclear power say? They are too busy sending out CVs to say anything. Free Carbon 0 power. Using the science of the fluorescent light.

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