Monday, 7 August 2017

Earth's ring of gold

In the Pacific, geothermal water vents into the cold oceans waters. That steam power massive volcanism and Earthquakes around Japan. But that water hold dissolved gold and platinum.
As the superheated water boils, it drops the metal – as a fine black dust. When we process this into ingots, we get gold and silver!
So if you are in Japan, go draw, and get up the geothermal dust. It is 40% gold! Just lying there on the sea bed.
Other countries can drill down to magma chambers, and get super heated water with gold in. We pass through a Dyson dry cleaner, and get the metal dust – to process into ingots. We can increase the gold reserves of man by 50% in a year: then gold will be worth 98% less.
It is so easy to get hold of gold – and there is 455 million tonnes in the Earth's core. In 2,000 years of mining, man has only got at 2,000 tonnes.

Most of it recently, as gold miners have started geothermal mining.

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