Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Criminal nuclear

After Chernobyl every nuclear plant needed insurance of 40 billion: this is such an underestimate. Fukishima cost Japan 100 billion.
Fukishima will cause 20 million early death. So the top manager share in 25 years for ever death. We are talking about 50 million years in jail. 100 years in jail for 500,000 people.
A total legal fine of 20 trillion: this is why 100 million is too low a figure.
So every operating nuclear plant has needed 40 billion of insurance since 1984: but they paid off the regulators.
So the 11 operating nuclear plants owe the British people 12 trillion.
Meanwhile nuclear power is the 4th biggest source of CO2 on the planet – due to its plant building turnover: so not carbon 0. Lightening is carbon 0. Each strike is a 1.5km steam plasma, which generates 5 tonnes of helium gas – 2.5x1030W from Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
In a gas tube we get a plasma burn:
1 H2O+PL->E3+L+X-ray no CO2, or solid, radioactive, hyper toxic waste.
So a 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres produces 2.4MW. A thermoelectric generator will produce >288kW of carbon 0, non polluting power.
Nuclear power has been operating illegally for 33 years. Global photosynthesis on the land and seas cap global average CO2 at 2parts per million. Even in town or cities.
Levels above the Arctic's are 4ppm. With air temperature at -50oC. In the little ice-age, CO2 spiked at 4ppm. In the Jurassic CO2 was at 4ppm, sea levels were 60 metres lower, and there was 65% more life on Earth.
In the Jurassic tehre were 3 natural ice-ages, 1 lasting 650 million years. CO2 reached 8ppm. The global climate has been cooling 21 years. With global CO2 at a static 2ppm. Static trace gases affect nothing.
Nuclear power – you are uninsured and illegal. Shut down 33 years ago. Nuclear regulators and plant managers will die in jail.

Academics are not allowed to take money from illegal companies: all the Global Warming paers must be shredded, and all the academics repay all salary back to 1984 – and get the hell out of education – to die in jail as well.

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Jonathan Thomason M.Eng said...

Saudi broke
Saudi only makes money with oil above $100 a barrel: last night is was at $47. The GDP of Saudi Arabia is in the red – and only kept solvent by the IMF. And oil is still crashing.
If we replace a cooling tower with a helical turbulence heat exchanger, 20kW of power will reduce the oil by by 85%. The price of oil is linked to demand – so this suggest an oil price of $16.
If we fire up a steam plasma tube, the regular water doe a plasma burn.
1 H2O+PL->E3+L+X-ray
A constant 1.2MW, from 5x10-14cc per decade: so no oil burn at all. Oil and gas only release 45kW/m or burner. So the steam plasma is 53 times as exothermic. And uses 0 oil.
And a steam plasma release no CO2, no hyper-toxic radioactive waste. We are talking about the clean energy system of nature.
A steam plasma IS a lightening bolt, and drives volcanic eruptions and Earth quakes. Lightening is drive by heavy rain or snow doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion
2 H2O+TU->E2+He2++O2++4e- E2=2.5x1030W
At 5,000V, we get a 1.5kn lightening bolt. Hence the 50x1cm x 1cm steam plasma does 1.2MW.
So we can run a 100MW power station off water. 5x10-12cc of regular water a decade. So suddenly we are in a world that does not need oil.
Within 2 years NOBODY will be burning oil. So Saudi will rely on its other industries: email me if you know whet they are. Basically an empty, hollow economy.
At least there will be no money for IS. Nuclear LOOSES money with oil below $80. So EDF is going bankrupt very quickly.