Thursday, 31 August 2017

Nurses earn through killing

2002 the Moffitt cancer centre demonstrated High Intensity UltraSound was a 1 appointment cure to prostate cancer: Dr.s found 8W 3MHz ultrasound cured all cancers.
But drug companies induced Hippocratic oath swearing medics to prescribe deffective, criminal cancer drus. Assisted by nurses – who had pledged never to assist with fatal medicine – like biochemistry.
Which is why, after 15 years, so many Dr.s and nurses have left medicine.
Now MacMillan have their big annual event of a coffee morning: to assist in killing with caner drugs.

Do you see the problem? Cancer drugs are illegal – and nurses can't help with High Intensity UltraSound. So nuses now have no role in curing cancer. All they can do is assists with killing via 20th century defective, criminal medicine.

Nurses can't help with cancer

2002 the Moffitt cancer centre used High Intensity UltraSound to clear cancer at 1 appointment. Cancer drugs became defective, criminal medicine.
Every Dr. bought an 8W 3MHz ultrasound device and validated the work: I use an 8W 1MHz ultrasound unit – which clears ALL cancers in under 1 minute.
Facial Body Skin Cleaner Beauty Ultrasound 1MHz Ultrasonic Beauty Massage Device

Facial Body Skin Cleaner Beauty Ultrasound 1MHz Ultrasonic Beauty Massage Device

So no biochemical drug company have been able to make and sell cancer drugs for 15 years – OR for ever prohibited from working in health systems.
Dr.s are not allowed to prescribe cancer drugs. And nurses are not allowed to assist. But cancer is the big cash cow of nursing.
MacMillan exists to pay nurses to assist with cancer drugs. Not legal for 15 years. The Dr can cure all cancer in under 1 minute – with no assistance from nurses.
So MacMillan is raising money, to assist in killing cancer patients. Biochemistry is fatal. High Intensity UltraSound needs no nursing assistance.
So the World's biggest coffee morning, is to raise money to carry on killing. So far biochemistry has been used to kill ½ a billion patients. Employing 60 million nurses. And 20 million Dr.s.

So give money to MacMillan – to let nurses carry on killing.  MacMillan do not use High Intensity UltraSound – the world's first, 100% cure to ALL cancers.
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Replacing car batteries & petrol

For electric cars, we replace batteries with a 25x1cm steam plasma: which at 4 atmospheres produces 580kW of heat – from 5x10-14cc of regular water a decade. We never need fill up the car, before it is scrapped.
A thermoelectric generator will produce 144kW of DC – we change into speed linked AC: a helicopter only need 45kw of power – so we fly between cities, using radar and IT to fly the craft.
1 H2O+PL->E3+L+X-ray no handling of radioactive materials
No Fossil Fuels burn. Burning Fossil Fuels does Molecular Nuclear Fusion today
2 CmHn+pO2->(mCO2+(n-r)H2O-E)+r(He+O+E2+X-ray)
So the way tp double miles per gallon, is to Titanium plate the inside of the engine. But we are better off using a steam plasma tube. Which will generate the carbon free power for 30 houses. A cheque for 380,000 per year from the national grid.
We use a 50x1cm steam plasma to power a house – 760,000 UK pounds every year from the national grid. For carbon free power: no Fossil Fuels burn.
Every uranium nuclear power plants needs, but does not have annual insurance cover of 100 billion. So UK nuclear needs insurance of 900 billion.

It has insurance of 450 million – totally criminal! The nuclear regulator has received bribes of 250 million: 10 years jail time for ever regulator and plant manager for 33 years!
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Make a better world

Melt the North and South Poles. We have no big ice-caps, so the Arctic cold flows back to the equator as liquid water at 3oC. So we make a wetter, cooler equator: and obviously a warmer and wetter poles. So a more temperate world.

We use the power of lightening. This uses heavy rain or snow, to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU->He2++O++E2+3e-+X-ray
Why I was not given my PhD by Sheffield university for this work 2001, I do not know. A working steam engine does 1: producing helium, light and X-rays. Of which there is no chemical source.
Come on Sheffield, the most important science work ever: Einstein was wrong, gravity reduces the free permeability of space time, so slowing the local time down. Until neutron stars stop time – there are no black holes.
Just super massive non radiant brown stars, that vanish due to gravitational lensing. They are still there – you just can't see them.
So a working steam engine does Nuclear Fusion. And every engineering department at university can do work on this.
A charge of 5,000V 100 amps gives up a lightening down strike. That does 1 again.
We get 5 tonnes of helium so and energy release of 2.5x1030W of heat. Carbon 0 heat. You may, or may not like Barak O'Bama. But he gave Tesla 300 million of seed capital.
Elron Must gave 2 injections of money from the sale of PayPal. Which receives my book royalties. For my book on Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and curing cancer using ultrasound.
Nuclear Fusion By WaterfallBy Jonathan M Thomason
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Cancer Is CuredBy Jonathan M Thomason
eBook (ePub): £2.00 (excl. VAT)
We live in remarkable times. Xi years ago American medics cure to cancer. Using no drugs or surgery. Just a single application of high intensity ultrasound. This book explains how it works! It... More >
So he developed the 1980s technology, of using mains power to charge car batteries. The weight of the batteries is about the same as a car engine.
The national grid has excess power in the evening, so modern car users can charge their car using off peak power – the national grid will sell us special off peak power adaptors, to allow us to use this wasted resource.
But that is old technology. If we have an 25x1cm steam plasma tube, we get 144kW. And get 18.7kW of electricity. A 50x1cm steam plasma linked to automotive thermoelectric generators will give us 37.4kW of speed linked AC. Enough to fly between cities.
A 4 door family car at 70mph on the motorway only needs 14kW. So no petrol or diesel. No CO2. CO2 emissions have fallen by 6% last year, 4.5% the year before.
Global Warming ended 1995 – as the natural climate went into a NATURAL cooling phase. Which will end 2023.
Photosynthesis takes in CO2, down to 2 parts per million: more emission – and the 0.00004% CO2 is converted into biomass within 5 minutes. Still a pre-industrial 2ppm CO2 in the air.
PETROL and diesel engines produce NO/NO2 (NOx). Which means burning Fossil Fuels leads to a flash temperature of >10,000oC in the cylinder.
2 CmHn+P+TU->(mCO2+(n-r)H2O-E)+r(He+O+E2+X-ray)+T T>10,000oC
So oxidising Fossil Fuels takes in heat – if we have no flame. I found this out 1983, on my M.Eng, at Sheffield. A working car engine gives out X-rays – only nuclear fusion can do this. There being no source of nuclear fission – ONLY when the fuel burns.
So our steam plasma linked to a thermoelectric generator will produce 37kW of power. Enough for 4.8 houses. When we do not run the engine, we sell the power to the national grid.
As we plug in the car, to sell carbon 0 power. No batteries. No charging. An infinite range, off 8x10-15cc of regular water in the life of the car.
No CO2 – no Fossil Fuels burn. At home we have a 50x1cm steam plasma linked to a mains thermoelectric generator. Which produces an annual income FROM the grid of 1.2 million.
Theresa May has presided over the total elimination of Fossil Fuels burning: obviously no man-made Climate Change – though what did that predict?
Every nuclear power station needs annual insurance of 100 billion a year – back to 2010. Then 40 billion a year back to 1984. The year of Chernobyl.

So nuclear power has operated illegal for 33 years – by bribing the radiation regulator. Totally criminal. I told Sheffield this 2001 – and got my PhD on Nuclear Fusion ended.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Christie death

My friend's husband had kidney cancer. So I gave him ½ a minute of High Intensity UltraSound to each kidney. And he perked up. The hospital gave him aggressive chemo therapy, and 2 days later he was dead.
Which means he got an automatic autopsy. Which will have demonstrated that his cancer was gone – and medicating him was illegal – the Hippocratic oath prohibits medicating the well.
His body was cremated, and the ashes scattered. But the medical records are retained fro 25 years. Already the medical authorities will be investigating his case, and all the medial professors involved in his case suspended.

His final treatment was at the Christie. End of life patients are given high doses of pain killer – to give them euthanasia – still illegal under UK law: standard procedure under the HNS.
The Dr.s were so desperate to hide the fact cancer was cured 15 years ago using High Intensity UltraSound, they were prepared to poison a cancer patient – to hide the cure.
A suitable HIUS device, is a medically licensed 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device. Don't tell the medics – or they will kill you.
Facial Body Skin Cleaner Beauty Ultrasound 1MHz Ultrasonic Beauty Massage Device

Facial Body Skin Cleaner Beauty Ultrasound 1MHz Ultrasonic Beauty Massage Device

Already 80% of cancers are being cured. Every Dr has an 8W 3MHz ultrasound device – which is High Intensity UltraSound.
½ a minute of HIUS to each side of the head totally clears MS. Dr.s are then legally required to take you off medication: that is not going to happen.
High Intensity UltraSound is safe for home use, and very cheap. Dr.s will fight to your dying breath to stop you using it. After 15 years – they are still killing with biochemistry.
So the General Medical Council is required to investigate all suspicious cancer deaths. Clive's has gone totally unnoticed.
Clive's family tradition is for burial. The medics got him cremated. His post death ultrasound will show a total absence of cancer. As will his autopsy.

All I know is, I gave his High Intensity UltraSound, and he felt better. The Christie put him on aggressive chemotherapy, and 2 days later he was dead – and I was kept away from him.
 Patients get 154 years prescription costs returned – for cancer. 5 for heart disease, 4 for MS and diabetes. Families get 10 million UK pounds for every death.

Diabetes gone

2013 I was walking around with an ultrasound massage device – 8W 1MHz is effective High Intensity UltraSound.
1Mhz Ultrasonic  Skin Care Facial Cleaner Body Slim Massage Ultrasound Therapy w

1Mhz Ultrasonic Skin Care Facial Cleaner Body Slim Massage Ultrasound Therapy w

It will clear all 200 cancers out there in under1 minute – stop when you feel warming. I was at the heart health group at St. Clement's, Salford Quays.
Medics had published the use of ½ a minute external High Intensity UltraSound to the top left of the chest and kidneys to totally clear heart disease. All the heart patients got better.
So Salford Royal knows High Intensity UltraSound clears heart disease – and has to use it.
½ a minute of High Intensity UltraSound to the bottom right of the chest clears type 2 diabetes instantly. Type 1 takes 1 minute. I always say do 3 times, but I never see the people again.
Salford Royal know all about my work on diabetes – and the Hippocratic oath demands they stop diabetes drugs, and use their High Intensity UltraSound device. They have an 8W 3MHz ultrasound device in every nursing office.
So can clear all cancers at 1 appointment from 2002. So ALL biochemical costs are returned to the NHS or patient, and the Dr struck off for life.
They return 15 years of wages, and get no pension.
High Intensity UltraSound to an arthritic joint clears arthritis – though this does take 3 sessions. So pain killing drugs or injection defective, criminal medicine. And prescribing Dr struck off from 2013.

I am off to Salford CVS, to work on mental health: ½ a minute of High Intensity UltraSound to each side of the head clears all dementia.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Statins useless for beast cancer

Statins are anti-cholesterol pills – that ad 4 days to the life of a person with heart disease: surely the least effective pill ever. Patients are due return off all medical fees linked to Statins, plus 10 million for every death.
Medics published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to the top left of the chest and kidneys to totally clear heart disease 2012. So medicine is desperate to find a use for these useless pills.
The cheapest medically li9censed High Intensity UltraSound device is an 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device.

Portable Anti Cellulite Cavitation Ultrasound Ultrasonic Slimming Beauty Machine

1 minute to each breast will totally clear the disease: best cancer medicine – every Dr has to use – or be struck off. And nobody else could prescribe Statins – so NOBODY ALIVE can prescribe Statins.
All cancers must have an inflated cell structure, to grow in the body. When we apply ultrasound, cancer cells experience Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+X-ray+E2
So ultrasound scans cause all cancers to give off X-rays – of which there is no chemical source. This is with 5W 40kHz ultrasound.
With e.g. 8W 1MHz ultrasound for under 1 minute (Stop when you feel warming) the cancer cells pop. Inducing an immune action to clear the distinct cell type through the body and brain.
So under 1 minute of High Intensity UltraSound totally clears all cancers: biochemical treatments are defective, criminal medicine. No Dr can use. Without being struck off, and losing health cover.
Statins are always defective medicine – no Dr can use. Medicine is desperate to use them.
Applying High Intensity UltraSound to an arthritic joint will clear the arthritis – pain relief is defective, criminal medicine.

Give up on Statins. Using them off prescription happens to be illegal. They are the least effective heart medication ever.

Replacing gas

Natural gas only release 45kW for a 1m row of burners. A 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres self sustains, and produces 2.4MW from 5x10-14cc of regular water a decade.

Stat the plasma using the elctronics from a fluorescent light.

No Thyroxin prescriptions

2015, I used ½ a minute of8W 1MHz ultrasound to clear my mothers underactive Thyroid. It will also clear the viral rump that overstimulate the Thyroid – to cause an over active Thyroid.
In the same way 1 minute of High Intensity UltraSound will clear the viral rump causing ALL diabetes – to the lower right of the rib cage.
All GPs have an 8W 3MHz ultrasound unit – since High Intensity UltraSound was medically proved to clear all cancers 2002.
Cancer has to be overinflated to divide and grow in a viral way. So all cancers experience Molecular Nuclear Fusion in response to external High Intensity UltraSound: causing just cancer and other modified cell types to pop.
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
Source of the X-rays ALL cancers give off in ultrasound scans. Dr.s do not have to understand this: they personally validated High Intensity UltraSound cleared all cancer 15 years ago.
So biochemical drug companies were legally banned from making and selling cancer, heart disease and diabetes drugs 15 years ago.
All Dr.s have to clear all cancers, return the cancer money, then strike themselves off. To face criminal trial, and an automatic multi-life jail term.
They lost all medical insurance 15 years ago – making medical practice criminal – and their prescriptions invalid,
For an underactive Thyroid, I published my work on the Intenet 3 years ago: a 1 session total cure to Thyroid problems.
So Thyroxin prescription criminal for 3 years: Dr.s return the money, pay punitive damages, and can't ever pratice medicine ever again.
Mind you, they ceased to be Dr.s 15 years ago. So patients are entitled to ALL medical expenses back. And the Dr. repays the last 15 years wages, and gets no pension.

½ a minute of High Intensity UltraSound to each side of the head clears all mental health problems. Safely! For nearly free.

HIUlS totally replaces biochemistry

2002 3 medical professors medically published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to totally clear cancer. The pressurised cancer cell experiences cell content boiling, on external application of eg 8W 1MHz ultrasound for under 1 minute – stop when you feel warming.
Facial Body Skin Cleaner Beauty Ultrasound 1MHz Ultrasonic Beauty Massage Device

Facial Body Skin Cleaner Beauty Ultrasound 1MHz Ultrasonic Beauty Massage Device

The chest medically licensed device is an ultrasound massage device, High Intensity UltraSound to the top left of the chest and kidneys totally clears heart disease.
So cancer and heart disease drugs have been defective medicine for 15 and 5 years. No Dr is allowed to use defective medicine – or they have to strike themselves off: that is rtheri professional promise.
This has removed over 90% of health service income. Any resulting death warrants a fine of 10 million, and 25 years in jail for all the medical team.
My mother and step father had age onset diabetes. Type 1&2 diabetes clears with 30 seconds of High Intensity UltraSound t othe bottom right of the chest – again you should feel warming.
So the 3rd biggest earner of the health service and Dr.s now totally cleared in ½ a minute: No reapplication required. We want the full 30 seconds of High Intensity UltraSound.
Salford Royal have taken 2 years to discharge my people: though the Hippocratic oath makes it criminal to medicate the well.
Salford Royal have bee nvery reluctant to discharge heart patients – though the use of High Intensity UltraSound to clear heart disease medically published 2012. Failure to discahrge the well, is criminal.
MY mother had thyroid problems – look up the position via Google: 25cm below the throat. I the cente of te hbody.
½ a minute of High Intensity UltraSound clears both under and over active thyroid problems: I am getting loads of Greek emails about this: luckily Google translates.
So ½ a minute to totally clear my mother of an under active thyroid. No surgery or medication ever required.
So Dr.s are ethically prevented from prescribing drugs – and nurses are very limited in what they can prescribe: no cancer, heart, diabetes or thyroid drugs.

2013 I proved ½ a minute of High Intensity UltraSound to each side of the head clears all dementia: MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, schizophrenia – no doubt I will get emails that MS is not strictly a mental hea;th problem: totally cleared – get over it.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Power for Africa

Africa does not have 18 billion for an under insured uranium nuclear power plant. It does have £2000 to set up a steam plasma power system for a village.

All we have giot to do is link a steam plasma, fan and thermoeelctric device to provide power for a village: 1st year thermodynamics pratical.

Free world power

We do not burn anything, and we do not process radioactive material. Uranium nuclear power is so toxic, it requires insurance of 100 billion a year – not available: ERGO all nuclear power illegal.
We use a steam plasma tube, to do a plasma burn.
1 H2O+PL+E->2H++O++3e- the plasma breaks the matter into positive ions and electrons.
2 1H++e- ->n0 the hydrogens and free electrons form neutrons. Water, as it is cheap and free.
3 O++4e- ->8H++5e- the oxygens fission into hydrogens, and electrons
4 1H++r n0 ->Er3+L+X-ray r>2 clean, carbon 0 power
A lightening bolt does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
5 H2O+PL->E13+L+X-ray E13=1.2x1030W
This is the conversion of 5 tonnes of hydrogens into helium, along a 1.5km by 2cm free steam plasma.
We get twice the energy, so E=8.6MW/m
So from a 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres. We get a constant 2.4MW, from 5x10-14cc of regular water a decade.
So here is how to get power to remote villages. No Fossil Fuels burn. A minute amount of regular water, into heat – with no CO2. No large, expensive power station. A plasma plant will cost under $2000. The UN will provide them – and get the money back from local trade.
We drive a pump, to pass air at 780oC, across a thermoelectric generator. We get 288kW of carbon 0 power. We convert into the AC for that country: so we can buy and use consumer goods. Or we may be happy with DC. We get the power for 31 houses in the UK – so a whole village in Africa.
We only need to synchronise the AC, if we like up villages: A DC link is simpler. We only want high voltage AC, if we are going to start moving huge amounts of power.
The idea here is to give power to remote, isolated communities. Which we do from regular water.
To start the plasma off, we drive an accumulator using human or animal power, and once started, the plasma runs unpowered.
Now you do not need open fires – a major cause of death in remote communities. Now you can drive computers, and spread literacy, and link humanity up. More communication, more trade – more wealth.

Carbon 0 travel

Not batteries and charging – though you can charge in off peak time, and use the present spare generating capacity of the grid: Few people need to travel over 300 miles a day.
That is 20th century technology – use Molecular Nuclear Fusion. A 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres generates a constant 1.2MW of heat – a thermoelectric generator will turn into 156kW of power.
We use power electronics to turn this into speed linked AC. On the ground, we generate mains AC, and sell the power to the grid, when we are static.
So plug in the car, and earn money. An average of 145kW of mains power – 6 million a year. The car PAYS us.
We only need 45kW to drive a small helicopter, t owe fly between cities, and only land near our destination.
We use the electronics from a fluorescent light to start the plasma – which then self sustains.
1 H2O+PL->E3+L+X-ray
A petrol engine today produces Light and X-rays. Now we produce no CO2, SO2, NOx: the gases plants take in to grow. We enhance life on Earth – no climate effect.
What about those Global Warming PhDs? Funded with nuclear money: nuclear forgot they are the world's 4th biggest source of CO2 – due to their plant turnover – all that concrete.
So PhD super visors knew there could never be an increase of CO2 in the air – by burning Fossil Fuels: which used to be active life.
So Global Warming could never be true – but there was loads of research money. So all the tuition fees need returning, and PhDs voided. All resulting jobs also voided. PhD students must repay all wages.
Al Gore – what a nuclear stooge: they even BOUGHT HIM a PhD. Not for the vacuous Global Warming, but his environmental activism – on behalf of the most toxic and under insured industry that will ever exist.

Ever nuclear power plants needs, but does not have 100 billion of annual insurance cover. So the lawyers have the legal imperative to issue immediate stop orders in 1984: they take 3 days to be effective. So all nuclear power ILLEGAL.

All Global Warming PhDs fiction

 Any scientist who has studied high school biology, realises CO2 is limited by global photosynthesis on the land and seas.
More CO2 – we get back the life that died in pre-history – the level in the air today is capped at 2 parts per million. I was at 4ppm in the little ice age – as snow covers the land and ice the seas.
So every PhD supervisor, realised Global Warming was fiction funded indirectly, by nuclear power. CO2 is at -50oC in the Arctic winter – with air temperature -50oC.
So the major external funder of science education, was nuclear power – via the funding agencies, like SERC.
So all the PhDs since 1984, were bad: students are entitled to their PhD funds back. But any job is invalid – and they must repay the last 33 years of wages – no pension contribution.
Global Warming – PR fiction for nuclear power: the world's 4th biggest emitter of CO2 – due to the rapid turn over of concrete buildings.
Scientists have never touched the man-made Climate Change money. Science book publishers are very exposed. They got Global Warming checked out by nuclear stooges.
All books referencing Global Warming or man-made Climate Change must be removed from library and book shelves – publishes return the cost of the book.
Every TV series that defences either nuclear PR, must be deleted – and never re-shown. TV channels must broadcast disclaimers.

All carbon taxes are axed, and the money returned. The Government scientists will be retrospectively sacked – 33 years ago. No pension.

CO2 fixed at 2 parts per million

All around the world – 10 feet away from a diesel exhaust. Scientists with large research contracts to nuclear power published figures of exactly 400ppm. (ppm=parts per million)
Since Chernobyl, every nuclear power station has needed insurance of 40 billion. It can't have – as no insurance available above 1 billion.
So no research body or academic institution can take funds from nuclear power – and illegal organisation.
So all the papers on Global Warming get shredded – and deleted from computer records.
Photosynthesis on land and seas, spiked CO2 at 2ppm in the afternoon air. Man's extra CO2 is 0.00004% - below measurement. The major increase in CO2 is in the morning, where plants have taken in O2, and emitted CO2 during the night.
During the day plants take in CO2, build carbohydrates and excrete O2: you breathe in plant waste. So by 12pm, plants only take in the CO2 animals breathe out. Produced as animals combine plant bulk with the waste gas of plants – O2.
So CO2 is the major limit to life. Above the Arctics, there is no photosynthesis – so the Arctic winter sees CO2 at 4ppm. CO2 laps the wax and wane of plants by 4 years – that tracks the natural weather. CO2 FOLLOWS the natural climate – with a 4 year delay.
This is a Jurassic level – when there was 65% more life on Earth, and sea levels were 60 meters lower. The Jurassic had natural ice-ages.
CO2 spiked at 8ppm – one lasting 650 million years. So over the Arctic CO2 can be double the global average, and temperatures -50oC. Global Warming – maybe on Mars!
Incidentally photosynthesis fixes NO/NO2 at only 4 parts per billion – the rest fertilizes plant growth. Academic institutions have to return all the Global Warming money to the funding bodies – to spend on real research.
So universities must return the money 1984-2005: when they stopped Global Warming research – as it was total fiction.

No Global Warming 'scietist' should be in education – even at primary school level.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Nuclear power criminal

After Chernobyl in 1984, every nuclear power plant needed, but never has annual insurance cover of 40 billion. Fukishima in Tokyo always needed more.
In 2010, the triple core melt down showered the world's leading city with radioactive isotopes – like plutonium: the most toxic substance known to man.
It will lead to the early death of 10 million Japanese – at $10 million per head. Which means it will cost the Japanese state 100 trillion. The whole world economy is only worth 138 trillion.
EDF and the US have 200 nuclear reactors each. A total insurance bill of 200 trillion. Nuclear power invented Global Warming, to avoid the insurance problem.
They forgot all the Fossil Fuels were active life in prehistory, and with 5 minutes of being burnt are active life again.
Leaving a static 2 parts per million CO2 in the air: static trace gases change nothing.
A 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres does a self sustaining plasma burn.
1 H2O+PL->E3+L+X-ray no radioactive waste. No impossibly high insurance.
It produces a constant 2.4 MW from 5x10-14cc of regular water a decade.
Uranium fission takes enriched uranium and runs it into plutonium and other radioactive waste: Hence the insurance of 100 billion per plant. To produce only 250kW of head.
So a plasma burn is nearly ten times as dynamic – and totally safe. No 18 billion power plant – a $2,500 plant will produce $7million every year. Game over for nuclear power.

Enriched uranium is ten times the price of gold. Water is free.