Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Why do nuclear?

You are a fan of uninsured global death.

After Chernobyl, every nuclear power plant needed insurance of 40 billion. After Fukishima, this rose to 100 billion, per plant annually. China has 36 nuclear plants – annual insurance 3.6 trillion – carried by the Chinese state – as no commercial insurance above 1 billioe 1 billion available.
The US and France have 200 plants – insurance cost 20 trillion. So citizens on these countries can sure the power plant owners, for the 33 years of free insurance we have given them.
So EDF is staring down the barrel of a 660 trill1on Euro fine. The world economy is only worth 138 trillion. So every French citizen is owed 110 million Euros by EDF: crossed cheque not acceptable. Try cash. Oh, the world does not have that cash. Try 100,000 Euros per year, t oevery French citizen.
Nuclear power should build and demolish its plants every 25 years – Fukishima shows whats happens if you delay this.
So 10 British Nuclear plants are operating outside of planning – ILLEGALLY.
Sizewell B has 3 years left. But it was built as an illegal extension to a plant demolished in 2006 – as it started leaking. So Sizewell B has never had planning. It has always operated illegally – deu to significant bungs paid to the regulators: corporate corruption biggest time.
So a total fine of 330 trillion – shared by 60 million people. That is 500 million each. Again staged payments are required. 21 billion a year, for 21 years.
This is a spectacularly insolvent industry. Expect buldozers to level all the nuclear plants, and British Nuclear to declare bankruptcy.

If not, we all get 21 billion a year.

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