Friday, 28 July 2017

Where's the fun in that?

Dr.s apply biochemistry, in the sure knowledge that half the patients will de in agony. And the rest will pay 2,000 to live in agony for 2 years.
All the time they have a High Intensity UltraSound device – they personally validated 2002 will cure 100% of cancer, heart disease and diabetes patient. An 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device is an effective High Intensity UltraSound unit.
1Mhz Ultrasonic  Skin Care Facial Cleaner Body Slim Massage Ultrasound Therapy w

1Mhz Ultrasonic Skin Care Facial Cleaner Body Slim Massage Ultrasound Therapy w

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Under 1 minute will cure all cancers. ½ a minute to the top left of the chest and kidneys will fix heart disease. ½ a minute to the bottom right of the chest will clear diabetes: type 1 will take 3 days before remitting – type 1 instant.
½ a minute to each side of the head will clear MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Schizophrenia and depression. Get your own unit – cure yourself.
Then the Dr.s have no choice but to discharge you: it is in the Hippocratic oath – no medicating the well.
Dr.s applied Statins to heart patients, and watched them die. Having the High Intensity UltraSound unit – medically personally validated to clear heart disease 2012.
But they prefer killing the patient – and making money. And still Dr.s use defective. Criminal biochemistry – having bought off the AMA/GMC – the medical register.
Both bodies now take part in biochemical trials – so are involved in the market they regulate. This is criminal self interest. Every lawyer on Earth knows this is legally unsafe.
I cured a guy with liver cancer from his liver cancer: they stopped drug commission to Dr.s – as they have legal supremacy to the General Medical Council: but even they were then bought off.
So the Dr.s retire – complaining they make no money – by using BEST MEDICINE. That is their promise under the Hippocratic oath. Only to use best medicine – no biochemistry.
But practising Dr.s continue with defective biochemistry, killing ½ their patients horribly. With no legal comeback. Cure yourself and live. The Dr then has to take you off all medication – or cease to be a Dr.
For liver and kidney damage, use High Intensity UltraSound. 1 minute to the liver, ½ a minute to each kidney – and fix your own organs. No organ transplantation then legal.
Fix your heart and head/spinal injuries – using up to 20 sessions of High Intensity UltraSound. Only see a Dr if you wish to die in expensive agony.
THEY DO NOT USE BIOCHEMISTRY – they use High Intensity UltraSound. They only use biochemistry on paying patients.
So criminal! So all diabetes gone. Cancers curable 15 years ago. Heart disease 5 years ago. Diabetes and head injuries medically published 4 years ago.
And every Dr has personally validated it up to 15 years ago. And people still go under the Dr – and die within 2 years.
Not which doctors – total, proven killers. Ask you Dr about High Intensity UltraSound – they have the unit in the nursing office. So they can clear diabetes – no Metformin or biochemical treatments legal.

Statins totally useless, criminal medicine.

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