Thursday, 27 July 2017

Replace Fossil Petrol/Diesel

Burning petrol & diesel does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 CmHn+pO2->(mCO2+(n-r)H2O-E)+r(He+O+Er3+X-ray)
So all burning of carbohydrates or hydrocarbons does Molecular Nuclear Fusion – giving out X-rays as it produces Helium gas (He).
n=m+2. M=16 for petrol, 12 for diesel. So to change from biodiesel into bio-petrol, we pass down 4 Titanium catalysts. We dribble in warm diesel and natural gas, dribble out petrol.
2 C12H26+4CH4+E+(Ti)->C16H34+9H2 free H2
So we can grow biodiesel – rape seed oil. C22H42O2
When we pass down a Ti catalyst we remove the O2
3 C22H42O2+5CH4+(Ti)->2C16H34+H2O+H2
For 1/20th the price of OPEC Fossil Fuels. We grow our own petrol. We drill down to underground coal deposits, and get free natural gas. Do it off shore, away from man. Along the continental shelf.
Geothermal water turns coal into gas.
4 C+2H2O->CH4+O2. Chill the gas, and separate out the methane.
So off shore fracking, free, limitless natural gas. That is turned BACK into active biology by photosynthesis on the land and seas WITHIN 5 MINUTES. Sucking the CO2 from the air in 5 minutes.
Today around the world the average CO2 level is a pre-industrial 2 parts per million. You tell the man-made Climate Change crew that CO2 is a static trace gas. And watch them turn red, as they rush off to delete all their nuclear funded papers.
What we are actually doing is turning the non fossil carbohydrates of deep sea life, back into CO2 – that plants turn back into active life.

So massively cheap, bio-petrol. Grown in the country in which burning turns it back into active life.

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