Monday, 10 July 2017

Melt the North Pole

Nothing grows at the North Poles – bacteria and fish are supported by geothermal steam doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the deep seas
1 H2O+TU->He+O+E2+X-ray
So steam vents act as little suns.
The easiest way to add more heat to the Poles, is site steam plasma tubes in the seas around the ice caps. They are mostly submerged, in anchored concrete holders. Each 1mx2cm steam plasma tubes releases 8.6MW to the seas.
So the tubes are surrounded by a steam layer – that leaves an rises to the surface. Adding heat to the seas, and boiling off sea water, to form natural rain.
The local sea are warmed by 25oC – from 3oC – the maximum density of water. This water laps against the ice, and melt it.
So the boat has to gradually more inshore, and move its anchor point. Now vast quantities of water at 3oC flows back to the equator – to pick up solar heat. So we cool the equator – by warming the Poles. So we stop the annual formation of ice shelfs.
We get natural warm rain falling on the ie – so they will tend to thin anyway.

And during the Polar spring and summer, we will get massive plant grow – sucking in all that lovely CO2. At the equator we will get more natural rain, and the deserts will receded.

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