Monday, 17 July 2017

Irrigate Saudi Arabia

We have solar driven vacuum pumps. The put 1m of vacuum on sea of river water, and the water boils. We pump the pure water vapour to the interior.
No salts or contaminants. We can charge up a battery during the day, to operate the vacuum pump 24hrs a day. So this will irrigate the dry lands.
We dredge out sea bed, and wash the soil in river estuaries. This washes out the salt. We process into soil pads, impregnated with grass seed.
We spread these in the newly irrigated areas. These grow – sucking CO2 from the air. It will return the burnt Fossil Fuels to active biology.
We farm sheep, which will keep the grass down – while producing loads of lovely lamb to eat. And spreading manure over the new fields.
This has the side benefit that it will end the annual drought in India. But India should set up a chain of vacuum pumps, to produce loads of fresh water for the interior of India. We are no longer dependant on natural rain.

The Jurassic had 65% more active life – and sea levels were 6o meters lower. It also had three natural ice-ages, with twice the CO2 globally photosynthesis allows today.

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