Saturday, 1 July 2017

Free power

A steam plasma tube linked to a thermoelectric generator. Carbon 0, non toxic power from regular water. Tap water, or from a bottle of distilled water.
The steam plasma does a plasma burn
1 H2O+PL->2H++O2++4e-
2 1H++e- ->n0 neutron formation. Our own strand of neutron star
3 16O2++4n0 ->8H++6e- Heavy ions end up as hydrogens
4 xH++(2+)n0->E3+L+X-ray
so net
5 H2O+PL->10(E3+L+X-ray) Free carbon 0 heat
A 1.5km lightening strike releases 8.6MW/m. Which teaches us a 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres re;eases a constant 2.4MW. Carbon 0 heat – come on climate change people, carbon 0 heat.
And photosynthesis on land and SEAS of the Earth caps free cO2 at 2 parts per million – its pre-industrial level.
Levels above the Poles or in a NATURAL ice-age are 4ppm today.
In the Jurassic the global average was 4ppm. Sea sea levels were 60m LOWER. And there was 65% more life on Earth. No north and south poles. 3 natural ice-ages – one lasting 650 million years with CO2 at 8ppm: 4 times today's trace. Sea levels 60 meters lower.
Warm medieval age, global temperatures +10oC, 2ppm CO2 in the air. 4th biggest source of CO2, nuclear power and its plant building program. Every year needs insurance of 100 billion – not available. It would make power 2.86 UK pounds per kW hour. Conventional power 8p per kW hour.
Molecular Nuclear Fusion power 0.0002p per kW hour. Non toxic, carbon 0, nearly FREE power. We entrain air, and pass it at 380oC, over a thermoelectric generator.
A 150kW mains generator – commercially sourced.

And get out 144kW of mains power. Enough for 18 houses – carbon 0 power, no Fossil Fuels burn. No hyper toxic uranium fission. No radioactive waste.
We use a glass tube, and the electrics from a fluorescent light. At 4 atmospheres the plasma self sustains once started – like a young fluorescent light, with plasma run on.
We source and buy a 150kW thermoelectric generator from the internet. And the national grid pays us 430,440 UK pounds a year. So the system pays back in under 1 day. So we get serious money every day.
Over 1,000 UK pounds PAID TO US. Barak Obama will be so happy – carbon 0 power that pays us.
Only a Royal Commission could approve Hinkley C: Hinkley Bs planning ran out 1990. Building a separate plant as an extension is an illegal use of planning: totally illegal.

So construction of Hinkley C CRIMINAL. Even before we get to the lack of valid insurance – no plant operation ever possible.

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