Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Fix fibre neuralgia

This is related to MS. Which I cured in 2013 – using the idea medics had developed to clear cancers 2002. HIUS – I use 1 minute of HIUS externally, to clear all 200 cancers
All cancers were cure 2002 – yet 15 years later GPs are still prescribing, defective, criminal biochemistry. Killing the patient in 2 agonising years. Drug companies no longer pay drug commission, so in the UK GPs are quite prepared to prescribe criminal medicine – killing the patients for £50.
The GMC does nothing. Law firms could sue the GP for 10 million for every death – an open and shut case the GMC will not depend: as biochemistry is contrary to the Hippocratic oath.
The NHS CAN'T ALLOW CRIMINAL MEDICINE, so no biochemistry in hospitals. Pharmacists can't dispense criminal medicine – so no cancer drugs can be dispensed.
Fibre neuralgia will be cleared totally, by ½ a minute of HIUS to each side of the head. The GP has a medically licensed HIUS unit (8W 3MHz) so in legally required to clear fibre neuralgia.

And also HAS to clear all 200 cancers – or gets 25 years in jail for every death.

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