Thursday, 6 July 2017

Dr.s are murderers

1 application of High Intensity UltraSound clears all 200 cancers out there – no 2 years decline to biochemical death. No cancer pain – as no cancer
This was medically proved 15 years ago by the Moffitt cancer centre in Florida – who have since ILLEGALLY taken down the post. So disqualifying all Moffitt centres from ever doing medicine again.
The cheapest High Intensity UltraSound device is an 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device – medically licensed for home use.
1MHz Ultrasonic Cavitation Ultrasound Face Body Massage Skin Tightening Anti Age

1MHz Ultrasonic Cavitation Ultrasound Face Body Massage Skin Tightening Anti Age

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Your Dr also has an 8W 3MHz device – bought 15 years ago, to confirm the Moffitt paper – it works for all cancers. So biochemical treatments, radio and chemo therapy and surgery all DEFFECTIVE, CRIMINAL medicine.
So they sat it the consulting room prescribing drugs that would kill the patient horribly in 2 year; while they had the device to totally clear the cancer FOR FREE in the nursing office. These are serious psychopaths.
Who instantly deleted themselves from the medical register. Lost health insurance and registered Dr status 15 years ago. Medical practice then criminal. They could not practice medicine again for life.
So make a list of all your relatives you GP (or another GP) has killed, and e-mail it to the health centre. And man-made Climate Change it to the local police.
You get 10 million UK pounds for ever patient killed by biochemistry in the last 15 years. And all the medical team get 25 years in jail, for each of the 10,000 patients killed. A jail term of ¼ of a millennia.
These are the most serious killings in history – going on. If you are being killed demand the practice nurse clears your cancer with the High Intensity UltraSound device, then seek punitive damages. And the police will impose 12 year jail terms for every patient on defective cancer medicine.
And that is why GPs have rushed to retire. No matter. The fine goes against them, the hospital and health centre, national bank and IMF: total fine 500 trillion – 3 times the economic worth of the plant. So get your claim in tomorrow.
No medic who has graduated in the last 15 years was EVER a registered Dr. AS the medical school taught them defective biochemistry etc.. Medical schools are all struck off, as they have continued to research defective medicine for 15 years.

My contacts at Cambridge and Harvard have never defended this psychopathic act. There is no defence. All academic Dr.s are ALL struck off – for life.

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