Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Cluster head aches

The worst pain! I have occasional twinges due to my head injury, which I am told are as bad: worse than childbirth and a hangover!
I don't know a cluster head ache sufferer, but I have used High Intensity UltraSound on my own head. In part this was to help repair the 30% brain damage – and head head aches sort of died away.
So if is perfectly safe to use an 8W 1Mhz ultrasound massage device on your body – they are medically licensed – and happen to be High Intensity UltraSound devices. No hospital or Dr. required.
I have used 20 session on both sides of my head for 1 minute. I lost my voice in my car accident, but 4 years ago was singing urban folk with an urban folk combo. I came to Salford to sing at the Lowery, and got stuck (sic). Sheffield ended my PhD.
Shame really, because I was making progress on fixing head injuries. So we need GPs to do some trials – included ultrasound scans.
I had MRI scans – but my accountant will not let me see them: as I had the wrong sort of head injury ever to need my finances seeing over.

I never had frontal lobe brain damage – and now the rules governing the Court of Protection would have excluded me. But this rule change was not implemented retrospectively. So I am stuck in a legal time warp.

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