Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Clearing Hepatitis

Here in the UK the NHS has DELIBERATELY given people tainted blood, to infect them with Hepatitis, so then can work on a treatment: note not a cure – medicine HATES cures.
Hepatitis was cured 2002: that year the Moffitt published the cure of viral infections, using external application of HIUS. I use 8W 1MHz ultrasound from a massage device purchased from Amazon or Ebay, as my medically licensed HIUS device – safe for unsupervised home use.
Ebay or Amazon '8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device'
I used 1 minute externally to clear late stage inoperable liver cancer. And like cancer, the viruses causing Hepatitis use viral type division. Type A-C.
So a device costing under $30 will cuyre all the Hepatitis viral line. So the individuals with Hepatitic can be cleared of the disease at 1 GP visit – or their own device.
GPs have a 8W 3MHz device – also HIUS. So GPs already own the device to clear all 200 cancers out there. They were legally required to use it 15 years ago! A fine of 10 million for every patient who died under biochemical treatments: now defective, criminal medicine since 2002.
And the medical team get 25 years in jail EACH. Infecting people with Hepatitis is a criminal action. The NHS doctors get a medical fine and jail time.

Nobody could have guessed hepatitis would be cured.
  1. HIV is simple to cure!

    • 9 years ago
    It is not a weak virus, but we can use my cancer idea to totally fix it, for ever. Until you catch it again!
  2. Ultrasound produces endogenous IL-2&4.  Cures ALL infections

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