Saturday, 8 July 2017

Churches cure cancer

An 8W 1MHz ultrasonic massage device will clear all cancers in under 1 minute – stop when you feel warming.
Ultrasound Facial Skin Body Massager Therapy Ultrasonic Antiaging F Beauty Salon

These are medically licensed beauty devices – no health insurance required. Since 2002 cancer drugs have been defective medicine. All prescribing Dr.s struck off – and health insurance voided. Medical practice then criminal.
We apply the High Intensity UltraSound device above, externally for under 1 minute. I also do the liver 1 minute – and arm pits and sides of the head for ½ a minute – or I would do if eh people were not already totally cured.
They keep taking their med.s, and at the next GP appointment the Dr has to fully discharge them – with no medication.
In fact the GP has had an 8W 3MHz ultrasound device since 2002 – when he confirmed the Moffitt work, Or he was instantly struck off, and banned from medicine for life.
All Dr.s have been able to cure ALL cancers for 15 years. Not to do so is criminal. Medical practice now criminal. 25 years in jail and a 10 million UK pound fine for each patient death.
All prescriptions by a struck off Dr are invalid. So patients get all their medical fees back, and punitive damages. As the Health Centre, Dr.s are super ethical, so your cheque should already be in the post. Otherwise see a lawyer. Open and shut case – the AMA/GMC will not defend criminal medicine.
And the NHS should not allow struck off Dr.s to practice medicine no their premises – and ALL Dr.s are struck off. No nurse is allowed to assist with fatal medicine.
1 thought I had, is that medics use these devices to clear scaring. So people should regrow limbs – just like reptiles. After only 20 sessions.
It should also correct Thalidomide shortened limbs: there are many crippled people in Brazil, as they could not read the English warmings. They do Spanish. Olla!
So I found this out at St Clement's Church, Salford in 2013. But drug companies got my heart health group shut down. Wrongly, as using a medically licensed ultrasound massage device does not require medical insurance – it is a beauty device.
All church health groups could use an 8W 1MHz ultrasonic massage device to clear cancers, heart disease and diabetes – see my other posts for details.
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Not a medical procedure. No health insurance required. Don't charge – and don't guarantee it will work: though it always will. No Dr or nurse, hospital or health centre required.

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