Saturday, 8 July 2017

Christie validate proton gun

Using a Cyclotron – physics equipment. No hospital is insured to operate such a device in the UK. So the Christie has invested 6 million of UK money in a device they can never turn on.
Because UK parents took a little girl with cancer over to the US, she had proton beam therapy, and was cured! The Christie sued the parents, and lost. The girl would have been dead 9 months ago if she had stayed at the Christie. Christie patients note – biochemistry kills. Defective medicine. So all the Dr.s at the Christie were struck off on their first cancer prescription after 2002.
That year High Intensity UltraSound was medically proved to clear all cancers: personally confirmed by every Dr. Cancer drugs were then defective, criminal medicine.
There is a much cheaper way to produce a proton gun – that requires no insurance. So all Christie patients can be cured at home. For nearly free.
We do the electrolysis of water – no insurance required.
1 H2O+EF ->2(no.p+)+O2- EF=electric field – that splits water into hydrogens and a oxygen. n0.p+=H+
Hydrogen is a proton bonded to 1 or more neutrons. We pass the hydrogemn ions into a thim glass tube – around which we wrap an electric coil. We turn on the electric field, and according to Flemings right had rule, shoot the H ions out.
So basically we shoot out a proton bonded to a neutron. The ions don't penetract a normal cell wall – but do penetrate a cancer wall – as shown by the success with a proton gub.
The H+ions hit a water molecule and atomic hell beaks out
2 H2O+n0.p+ +2e-->OH-+E2+X-ray
The cancer cell contents boil, and the cancer cell pops. Inducing the local immune system to secrete and action to active antibody to cancer. Which clears other cancer celsl from the body.
So we destroy 40 cancer cells, and the body clear 5,000+ cancer cells. We clear the cancer.
No insurance required. A garage scientist/high school build. Did the Christie realise they had just given the world a total cancer cure, that requires no Dr or hospital? The science is high school stuff.
No cancer, and the protons emerge through the body, and hit our Earthing panel – behind the patient.
It is far easier to use an 8W 1MHz ultrasonic massage device. Medically licensed for home use. $30 to cure ANY cancer.

3 H2Op+US->He+O+E2+X-ray source of the X-rays from ultrasound scans.

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