Wednesday, 12 July 2017

2017 – most rigged UK election

Jeremy Corbyn approved everything – shorrt of physical assault – and the hard left may even have crossed that line! The UK Brown Shirts, who intimidating the Germans to elect Hitler.
But Jeremy didn't get in! And all those abusive a-mails can be undeleted and sent in to the police. There was loads of physical property damage, in the candidate bullying attempt.
All those transgress electoral rules. And Jeremy Corbyn approved them all. All new MPs who benefitted, now deselected from, parliament.

And Jeremy Corbyn himself is banned for life from being active in politics.
We all thought UK elections were above the Nazi intimidation – but Jeremy proved othersie. Because this was a last ditch attempt to save the Labour party – and it transgressed the law: it was criminal.
Why? Because the EU and Germany, were desperate to stop Brexit, and Labour were the easiest party to scare out of the people free choice.

Jeremy Corbyn – the British Hitler.

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