Monday, 5 June 2017

Water most energy dense

Oxidising carbon fuels waste most of its energy, oxidising the carbon – it is only the Molecular Nuclear Fusion the makes the net process exothermic
1 Cm(H2O)+pO2->(mCO2+(n-r)H2O+E)+r(He+O+E2+X-ray)
So it is the steam plasma which releases heat. We can titanium plate the cylinder body and head, or the boiler plate. At a stroke, for $200 we double the mpg of the engine.
So for racing cars, we halve the fuel stops. Or we double the acceleration we can get. So for a family car, we double the mpg we get. 60Mpg, rather than 30. We halve our fuel burn. Reducing man's world CO2 emissions by 20%. But as man uses diesel cars, they fell by 6% last year, 4.5% the year before.
Hence OPEC decided Global Warming was caused by NO/NO2 (NOx) emissions from diesels: but petrol cars produce as much NOX, and more CO2. NOx fertilizes plants, which take in CO2 to grow. So diesels are the non-po;lluting car emgines. Which will save life on Earth.
So this week, Global Warming (which ened naturally 21 years ago) is caused by CO2 again – so diesels are the way to go. But we can do better.
But if we have a steam filled glass tube, we just do the plasma burn.
2 H2O+TU->E3+L+X-ray No CO2, or radioactive waste
So a 50x1cm steam plasma tube should liberate at least 1.2MW/m – as liberated by lightening strikes, every 3 seconds around the Earth. Free steam plasmas have a surface temperature of 10millionoC – and make the NOx which fertilises natural plant growth.
So an automotive thermoelectric generator will produce 72kW – 45kW will propel a helicopter. There's an idea, have a 50x1cm steam plasma linkd to a thermoelectric generator, to fly a helicopter – no petrol. Or speed traps: we will need IT ssytem to fly the craft point to point, using radar and radio links to other fusion ships. Read Automotive Thermoelectric Generators and HVAC
So a 600mph helicopter which runs off regular water. It is very wasteful, so we are talking 5x10-11cc a year – fro heavy use.
So for the sschool run and shopping, we are talking 3.5x10-12cc of regular water a year: no CO2 produced. So free travel – and we save life on Earth.

But already plants cap CO2 at a static 2 part per million – its pre-industrial level. So there is no man-made Climate Change. We have natural, solar derived weather. And Global Warming died 1995.

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