Saturday, 24 June 2017

UK never pays for Hinkley

Hinkley B's planning consent ended in 1990. For a fine of 10 million, and 10 years in jail for each plant manager, for the last 27 years.
Theresa May could not consent for Hinkley C: only a full royal commission could, She can only consent to additions to Hinkley B – no Hinkley C. So all construction work is illegal.
The army should go in, and demolish all ILLEGLAL ground work. And all ground works are illegal. Hinkley C is a basic abuse of planning. The government lawyers should have stepped in! They didn't because of serious bungs.
No Hinkley C could ever start up without sufficient insurance. After Fukishima this is 100 billion per year. No insurance available above 1 billion. Generated power would be £3000 per kW hour.
No valid insurance, and the UK never pays for the plant: read the contract Theresa May signed: no operating license, we don't pay. She did not have the required legal authority to sign anything.
Consenting to the plant was outside her powers. EDF ploughed ahead, believing that these 'problems' could be sorted out. That's the problem with EDF, they are French, with Chinese partners. Neither country has the planning constraints of the UK.
An illegal construction, the army has the legal imperative to destroy it: they have to go in and demolish the ground works, and take the managers into legal, life time custody. My M.Eng covered legal large plant construction.
That is why no UK firm was interested in British Nuclear. No plant construction without a full Royal Commission. The French killed there Royal family, as did the Chinese.
So Hinkley B should have STOPPED in 1990, as its planning expired. No life extension, without a new Royal Commission, and independent plant inspection.
Sizewell B has been illegal since Chernobyl, when it could not buy the 40 billion annual inspection.
So every year since 1984, 2 years BEFORE the plant started, Sizewell B was illegal. Hinkley B, illegal since 1990. Sizewell NEVER legal.
So Hinkley C is an illegal extension to a plant who's planning consent ran out 27 years ago. EDF should take legal advice.
One court case by GreenPeace, and all the senior managers at EDF die in jail – and of course, the ground works are already due for demolition by the army. Who don't bribe. I am staggered that the UK radiation regulator has been so easily bribed – only costing 50 million: small change to British Nuclear.
Totally illegal. British nuclear AND the regulator die in jail. Thanks to Sheffield University for this corporate law, 1984. Don't EDF employ ANY lawyers?

18 billion to construct Hinkley C? I don't think so. The army will be there on Monday to stop ALL construction.

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