Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Theresa May have a majority

Take out all the Labour MPs, who will be part of illegal planning of tower blocks since the 1980s, and Theresa May may have a simple majority in the House of Commons.
Tower blocks built in the 50s, 60s and 70s are not compliant with modern fire standards. And modifying them is not economic. So builders found it was easier to bung the boards of directors – in my opinion.
Why else would the directors of Grenfell approve cladding with polyurethane panels – illegal in the US, UK and Germany: since the tower block blazes in Dubai 2016. If fitted, they should have been changed immediately.
The directors should have paid for fire safety advice. Not to do so is criminal.
Fitting a second means of exit may also not have been feasible. So the tower should have been bulldozed and rebuilt.
So all tenants are owed 37 years of back rent, plus punitive damages.
London council owe 790 million for the deaths at Grenfell. And one of the negligent directors is – Emma Coad MP. Newest and most marginal MP elected for Labour. Her majority died in the blaze.
So all MPs who have been involved with tower block planning since the 1980s, suspened from the House. Which probably accounts for 120 MPs. The house is going to be very empty this year.

If the police do find the Labour party permitted their MPs to do criminal planning, the Party is wound up. Even before we get to who received the bungs.

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