Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Suspend tower block MPs

Labour councillors who gave directors consent to tower blocks built in the 50s, 60s and 70s past 1980 have committed a crime. The fire safety gave these blocks a negative value. So even if nobody died, tenants get all their rent back with punitive damages.
And get moved to less dangerous flats. Aged flats are a tinderbox, and one white good fire, and the block will go up like a Roman candle.
This got worse, as flats continued to fit external cladding, after 2016, when tower block fires in Dubai make these illegal. Tower block owners then had the legal duty to replace the panels with no flammable mineral wool panels.
And then we get to the fire safety people, issuing fire safety certificates was criminal past the 1980s.
Jeremy Corbyn knew about Labour councillors approving such criminal flat 'enhancement' – and yet did nothing. Which suggests Labour got a serious bung from the builders.
So fire safety is instantaneous: Jeremy Corbyn is suspended from the House of Commons during police investigation. And may get 10 years in prison for 40,000 housing towers.
Which will now all be emptied of residents and demolished. All at the tower owners expense. The tenants have a legal right to safe, comparable flats.
They get back 27 years' rent. And punitive damages. 754 billion of UK housing stock is now criminal! And must be demolished.

MPs who were housing councillors for the last 37 years are now also suspended from the house, and subject to police investigation.

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