Saturday, 24 June 2017

Flat fire safety

I am offering to do a fire audit in Salford – this was part of my job in engineering. It appears builders of high rise buildings fitted cheaper thermal lagging – around tower blocks from the 1970s, that were uneconomic to upgrade to modern fire standards.
The cheaper option might have been to pull them down, but builders saw how fitting defective thermal insulation etc., could make them money. Though risk killing flat renters.
And they didn't bother fitting the fire extinguishers and alarms to kitchen and laundry areas – standard practice in the US.
The polystyrene panels were only legal in the UK – above 80 feet: after fires destroyed tower blocks in Dubai, April 2016.
So tenants paid for refurbishments, that were potentially lethal. 600 tower blocks in the UK have ridden their luck – Grenfells was just very unlucky – but it was an accident waiting to happen.
The police are very interested, as the builders acted in a criminal fashion – and will be up on manslaughter charges.
The Ordsall Tower block is called 9 Achers. 17 stories. The first 80 feet potentially clad with polystyrene panels.
I do loads of other stuff, but have time for a fire audit. I might even put my other things on hold, while I work on saving lives. It is crucial work.
So the builders – multi millionaires, who wanted to save £2 a panel and killed 75 people in a horrible way. As shocking as the Twin Towers in NY. I phoned my friends up in DC, and she was being evacuated – as they hit the Pentagon, the next building to her.

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