Sunday, 18 June 2017

Making flats fire safe

photograph NOT 5 Achers.  Presumably modern, safe flats.
9 Achres in Ordsall is 17 stories of 1970s high-rise, which has been retro fitted with polyurethane cladding – work done 2016. This is criminally negligent – and all the block directors should be removed. As Emma Coad MP should have stood down as Grenfell director during the election.
She gave consent to the cladding, which causes 30-100 people to die in the Glenfell fire. Thee were exposed gas pipes, no fire alarms or extinguishers – and only 1 exit route. Labour was directly to blame for the Grenfell Tower fire.
5 Acres also has the same criminal cladding: the residents paid for the cladding in good faith – so it must be replaced at council expense. Agenda Document for Property ... - Salford City Council

Sprinkles need fitting in all cooking areas, and regular fire extinguishers on each floor. I am a concerned nearby resident – I am getting a resident to send me a letter.

I repeat, polyurethane cladding for buildings above 40 feet is criminal!Jeremy Corbym also criminally liable - which is why he has vanished.

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