Friday, 23 June 2017

Nuclear power uninsurable

Every nuclear plant must have 100 billion of insurance before it can legally start operation. EDF is pressing ahead with Hinkley Point C, in the hope a solution to this problem will be found.
As there is no commercial insurance available for this amount. So EDF may build the plant, but it can never start operation. So the UK will not pay the 18 billion construction costs.
It will never subsidise the electricity, and there will be none generated.
And then we get to the reprocessing problem, There is no capacity for radioactive waste – British Nuclear is using short term storage around disused plants like Sellafield, for long term storage – this is illegal.
And there is no global storage space – we were taking Japan's waste before Fukishima.

So a dirty, uninsurable industry, that will never get an operating license: no insurance, no operating license.

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