Saturday, 24 June 2017

Nuclear plant decommissioning costs

The subject of my 1983 engineering 1st year university essay. In the UK decommissioning costs are £3 billion annually. For a minimum of 6 years. Hinkley point ceased to have legal planning in 1990.
Every year of illegal operation fines British nuclear 10 million. For 25 years. Over ¼ of a billion pounds.
So it may actually cost more to decommission Hinkley C than build it. But it can't legally be built – it is an illegal structure. The Army has the legal imperative to go and demolish the ground works, and expel the construction workers.
So Theresa May WANTED to give 30 billion in subsidies. So the nuclear industry wants to spend 18 billion to build a plant, get 30 billion in subsides, and then spend more than 18 billion demolishing it.
Hinkley B should have STOPPED 1990. So Hinkley C could only procede after a Royal commission. After Fukishima it would say 'Hell no!'
Day 1 they would be asked for their 100 billion insurance – and not have it. There is no commercial insurance above 1 billion.
Required by every operating nuclear plant. So all 20 UK nuclear plants illegal – and the power station regulator will force immediate stop orders. On all nuclear plants.
All are outside planning – except Sizewell B, which is an illegal extension to Sizewell A, demolished 2006. So Sizewell B NEVER LEGAL. 1/3rd of a billion in fines, and the plant managers spend the next 330 years in high-security jail.
I repeat: because nuclear people are a bit slow of thinking. Hinkley ceased to have planning consent 1990. The Army has the legal imperative to demolish all ground works and expel all construction workers.

Incidentally, I got an 'A' for my essay. Bid documents are only legal with decommissioning costs taken into account, with valid insurance cover.

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