Friday, 16 June 2017

Next tower block blaze in Salford?

Tower blocks like having Labour councillors on boards of directors, to get penny piching builds through. They will go for the cheapest option.
So in Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad voted through use a cheap cladding, that went up like a tnder box – getting around the fire doors.
I was watching the BBC: loads of footage of Theresa May and the Queen. Jeremy Corbyn was off visiting the fireman and women. As he is ultimately in control of ethics and law for Labour Coucillors and MPs.
Ms Coad? Don't even know what she looks like – she has retreated into her bomb proof room in Kensington. So she is personally part responsible for the worst incident since Hillsborough. Hope she has good fire safety insurance.
And the buck stops with Jeremy Corbyn. The only Labour leader to have presided ove ra 100 person death event.

Rebecca Long Bailey MUST ensure Salford tower blocks are safe.

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