Saturday, 17 June 2017

Making tower blocks safe

Tower blocks in the 1970s did not have such safety features. They all need retrofitting with sprinkler systems in cooking areas. Regular hall fir extinguishers.
A second emergency exit – accessible by smashing glass locks on the inside of fire doors. The fire doors should have thermal protection around them.
I am ashamed to say, it was covered on ym degree, but not a very interesting area. Communal cooking areas should be fire proof areas, for people to retreat into during a fire.
Get undergraduate engineering students to do a full fire audit on local tower blocks:A fund remedical work.
Emma Coad, the new Labour MP for Kensington, wasa director of Grenfell. Abnd signed off on the use of not fire safe cladding. This is criminal, and excludes both her and Jeremy Corbyl from and future involvement in politics.
He should have got her to stand down as a director curing the election. He did not, so 100 oeople are dead (30 confirmed 70 missing). This is a criminal matter, the police will pursue.

While the matter is ongoing Emma and Jeremy are removed from the house. Permanently. It is that serious.

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