Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Making flats safe

Polyurethane cladding panels have caused fires in Dubai, and now London. This is an attempt to upgrade 1970s flats.
We want mineral wool insulation – which is fire safe. Polyurethane can burst into flames. So at the Glenfell tower, the fire brigade has extinguished the fridge fire, but not noticed the outside of the flat was on fire.
The firemen should have done a simple external inspection – but has not taken in account the panels burning. Ms Coad MP, the Kensington Labour MP was criminally negligent for approving use of these dangerous panels. To save 2 UK pounds per panel.
She now gets a 97 year jail term, and is banned from politics for life.
Jeremy Corbyn was her line boss, and gets a ten years jail term, and is also banned from politics
A 50x1cm steam plasma tube would have produce 2.4MW of heat. And could have been used to pass steam over a thermoelectric generator, and produce 144kW of carbon 0 power. Making any tower block a net producer of electricity.
The steam is then use to heat the central heating system – so no Fossil Fuels burn required. Cladding largely incidental. Use fire safe panels.
9 Achers here is Ordsall has also been fitted with defective panels. Replace them around centre of potential fires – the communal cooking or laundry areas. Fir fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and install a second means of emergency exit – as fires happen.
Replacing the illegal cladding panels is the most pressing concern. I am sorry, Labour wanted to save 5,000 UK pounds on upgrading the flats, and killed 75 people.
Each flat director is legally responsible. Jeremy SHOULD have asked her to stand down to fight the election. As she did not give her other jobs due care. She did not have the safe safety training in any case.

The fires in Dubai showed Labour voters. the dangers of such panels – a Labour tinder box, which killed. How much is your life worth to Labour?

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