Monday, 19 June 2017

Labour makes flats dangerous

 I used to work in fire safety in the metals industry. For a block of flats, the board of directors hears a submission from the local fire service – for which they pay. And then vote on any building work on the flats.
So Emma Coad MP voted on Grenfell towers in Kensington – she is now the new MP. So she blames the council and the government. It is likely that she was on the council, as the illegal cladding was approved.
So no fire safety check – save money. Opt for Polyurethane cladding, illegal in the US, Germany AND the UK. Labour councillors the country over, always adopt the cheaper (illegal) option.
So she is legally responsible, for the small white goods fire, turning the tower into a firework! She geet 97 years in prison. And Jeremy Corbyn, her line boss gets 10 years – and expelled from parliament for life.
As he failed to make her stand down as a building director. Mineral wire would have cost 2 UK pounds more per panel. And 9 Achers here in Ordsall gas been clad in the same defective panels.
No fire alarms, extinguishers or protective fire proof surround to the white goods. Such devices cause most home fires. So naturally I am on to Rebecca Long Bailer MP, who represents the area.

I might consider standing for council again, to fire audit all the tower blocks in Salford.

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