Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Labour killing YOU

If you live in a tower block from the 1970s, it is highly likely your block is an illegal dwelling. It was uneconomic to enhance the tower block to meet present safe levels. The Tower has negative worth.
So builders just found it cheaper to pay of the fire people, to issue am illegal fire certificate: obviously the details of every tower block is NOT known to me. Some probing questions needs to be asked by the police.
Some aged blocks are safe, many are not. Jeremy Corbyn has not been seen on TV for 5 days – only library video. And the lack of tower safety blamed on the Torys, when Labour have taken back handers on tower safety. I think – Jeremy can tell us. 'Jeremy!!!'
In 2016 2 tower block in Dubai burned down, after the polyurethane cladding caught fire. The towers went up as if a tinderbox had been stuck on the side of the building.
In Dubai the cladding kept out the heat of the day, in Britain they keep out the cold of the day. In the US, UK and Germany this polyurethane cladding is illegal. No building with such cladding should ever have been issued with a valid fire certificate.
Labour packed out the boards of directors, with Labour councillors. Exactly who was paid and what I do not know.
They should have paid for advice on the cladding – that was never taken. So there are 40,000 tower blocks from the 50s, 60s and 70s, that do not comply with modern fire safety laws. They have to meet modern safety laws – when ever they were built.
They do not need to meet historic standards of fire safety, to be registered dwellings, they need to meet modern fire standards. I asked a Fire Man this today – and he didn't realise. I told him I used to work in fire safety, and the colour drained from his face. 'I don't know!' he protested. He is a fireman – he has to know.
I worked in fire safety during my time in engineering, and meeting fire safety standards was always a push: this was for engineering plants.
For tower blocks, the safety upgrades were uneconomic by 2000. So 160,000 Britains are paying rent of dwelling that are not fire registered.
And Labour get money from the builders, to pass the building on a nod and a wink – knowing they are invalid tinderboxes. Just waiting to kill YOU. Of course I do not know – this is a matter for the police to look into,
It just explains why illegal tower blocks are still lived in, when the councillors are Labour councillors. It may not be Labour – but somebody is giving and taking backhanders. And the people receiving them are Labour: 'Jeremy!'
75 billion of buildings that are illegal – needing to be pulled down and replaced. Residents are owed 15 years of their rent back, and punitive damages.
The families of every person who died in the London Grenfell tower fire get 10 million per person killed. That is 750 million in damages.
And the directors get 240 years in jail: included Emma Coad MP, the new LABOUR MP. Jeremy Corbyn gets 10 years fro each of the 40,000 illegal tower blocks. 160,000 people live in these illegal dwellings.

He is suspending from parliament instantly. And if guilty, permanently. And serves the next 400,000 years in jail. Obviously, he will never die – he does not live in an illegal tower block.

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