Friday, 23 June 2017

Labour illegal

Labour packed out the director for social housing. So Emma Coad, new Labour MP gave negligent permission to the lethal cladding on the Grenfell towers. She is criminally liable.
And as her line boss, so is Jeremy Corbyn. They have now found 600 tower blocks with the same flammable cladding on. No sprinkles for fire alarms. Not even fire extinguishers.
So the builders and directors will serve jail time. And the builders will pay massive fines. And Labour was complicit it making towers blocks theatres of death.
The Daily Mail said Ms Coad was a director – and I have yet to hear of a correction. So both herself and Jeremy Corbyn will be removed from the House of Common during the criminal trial.

Labour councils will have to meet the costs resulting from their criminal behavouir.

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