Saturday, 17 June 2017

Killing ½ a billion people

- that is what biochemistry has in the last 15 years. But every Dr. is pledged to use only the bet medicine. Biochemistry have got around this over the 106 years – you pay royalties to every Dr. So they can't speak out – as this is their major income stream.
Then you get the GMC/AMA involved in running biochemical trials: this is illegal. A regular can't run the industry they are regulating. Government lawyers should have stopped this 50 years ago – but medicine has ringed fenced itself off from even law. It is just and industry. Get over it.
Next you bung the top medical universities in the world. You give them shiny new research facilities. Like the Wellcome Trust building at Cambridge. Which will have cost around $18 million.
And will be staffed by registered Dr.s. All of whom are now struck off for life. As all the professional staff at the American Medical Association/GMC.
They protect 'we are only here to regulate beset biochemistry!'. No, you are there is regulate BEST MEDICINE. And biochemistry was medically demonstrated to be defective, criminal medicine 15 years age.
So you get a group of families, who have lost family members to cancer – as they were biochemed to death. You sue the GP, for not having used High-Intensity UltraSound.
All GPs have a 8w 3MHz ultrasound device in the nursing office: bought in 2002 to validate High-Intensity UltraSound. And then never used, because of the biochemical money.
So every Dr pledged to sue only best medicine – to abandon medicine as it became criminal – like cancer drugs did 15 years ago. And the American Medical Association/GMC will not defend using defective medicine – the Hippocratic oath trumps all law.
So the families take a no win no fee case, and the lawyers are onto an open and shut case. And the first court case gets written into case law, and all other law firms can use the first case action.
So each GP has killed 10,000 patients for money: not proud, they have even killed members of organised crime. Not clever. They tend to kill – and not bother with the courts.
Once the law is established, you can even sue the General Medical Council. Open and shut. All the regulators get multi millennial jail term. As do all academic medics.
Once the case law is established, law forms can sue medical schools. Which are guilty, and get shut down. The last 15 years of medical degrees are voided.
And all Dr.s who have ever prescribed cancer drugs, removed from medicine for life: to live out their sorry lives in high-security prisons.

Cheaper option, just let organised crime sort them out for free. It I like animal farm, where the pigs start eating the other animals, as they are hungry. That is what medics have been doing for at least 15 years.

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