Saturday, 17 June 2017

Kensington MP removed

Emma Coad is the new Labour MP for Kensington.
We all saw the Grenfell tower so up like a firework, as the new cladding took fire. Cladding banned in the US for building over 40 feet. Cheap cladding – she signed off on. I believe Jeremy Crobyn should have got her to stand down as a director, whne the election was called: she never stood down.
30 confirmed deaths – that is a £37,500 pound fine (UK pounds). If the death roll rises to 100, 125,000 UK pound fine. And ten years in jail.
A fine and jail time shared by Jeremy Corbyn, her line boos. Who did not give her time off her works as a director, which significantly contributed to the incident.
My friends point out I use data published by the Daily Mail – the 2nd most complained about paper. But by now I would have heard from Labour if it was not all true.

So the Labour leader is directly involved in the worst accident since Hillborough. Being charged with criminal involvement is a multideath incident – immediate expulsion from the house. For life, if confirmed.

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